Tim Burton to direct an Addams Family series for Netflix

Tim Burton to direct an Addams Family series for Netflix

Tim Burton to direct an Addams Family series for Netflix

Already in October 2020 it was revealed that Tim Burton he was preparing a series of The Addams Family, fiction that would focus on the character of Wednesday and his transition from adolescence to adulthood. After months of waiting, it has been confirmed that the director is already working on the production, which can be seen on Netflix.

This Wednesday Addams teen series will mark Burton’s debut as a television director in “an intriguing mystery production that follows Wednesday as a student at Nevermore Academy,” the streaming platform revealed. The streaming service has also published the poster of the production, in which you can see the silhouette of Wednesday playing the cello with a knife.

Burton has already been linked to a project of The Addams Family, a 3D and stop-motion animated film that finally remained in the inkwell. Christina Ricci played Wednesday in live action movies The Addams Family (1991) and The Addams Family: The Tradition Continues (1993). Chloë Grace Moretz recently voiced the character in the animated film The Addams Family (2019).

At the moment it is unknown which actress will give life to the young woman in Burton’s series, a project with which a few months ago the name of Johnny Depp was related, which has been left out of the sagas of Pirates of the Caribbean and Fantastic Beasts as a result of his controversial and mediatic judicial confrontation with his ex-wife Amber Heard.

Burton’s latest work is Dumbo, a live-action adaptation of the Disney classic starring Eva Green, Colin Farrell and Danny DeVito. In addition to preparing the Wednesday series for Netflix, the director is working on Beetlejuice 2, sequel to the 1988 film headed by Michael Keaton.


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