Tim Burton arrives in Madrid with an exhibition and an 'ambassador' title in the air: "You are inspiring"

Tim Burton arrives in Madrid with an exhibition and an 'ambassador' title in the air: "You are inspiring"

"Inspiring" and "passionate" are the two adjectives used by Tim Burton to describe the Madrids and "their people". City of which, depending on what happens next September 20 in the City Council's Culture Commission and on the 27th in the municipal plenary session, will or will not be chosen as 'ambassador', a new symbolic designation that the filmmaker would be the first to show off Regardless of what happens in the vote, on the 29th of the same month, the American creator will inaugurate The Labyrinth, an immersive exhibition about his work located in the Espacio Ibercaja Delicias.

Vox leaves the appointment of Tim Burton as ambassador of Madrid in the air

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The producer and promoter LetsGo Company is the creator of the exhibition and from it comes the proposal to award the author of Ed Wood and Eduardo Manostijeras the distinction, an idea that the City Council willingly accepted and made its own. A reward that, according to the regulation of honorary distinctions of the consistory, will be granted to "those people who have stood out for their activities or services abroad for the benefit of the city of Madrid".

As revealed one of the Chroniclers of the Villa, the first option of the mayor José Luis Martínez-Almeida and Andrea Levy, head of the Culture area, was Mick Jagger; taking advantage of the fact that the leader of the Rolling Stones was going to visit the capital last June to start his international tour. The singer rejected the offer, a vacancy that the promoter took advantage of to propose Burton as a candidate and, incidentally, expand the impact of his exposure. The City Council considered it appropriate and the director did accept the distinction. "Madrid has a very creative atmosphere", he assures this medium, "it is very likely that it will shoot here".

However, his election has not been without controversy and he remains in suspense. The opposition groups and the Cronistas de la Villa, who were asked for his opinion, rejected the appointment alleging that there is no relationship between the director and the capital. This is how the experts made it known in their unfavorable reportsalthough from the council they have continued to defend the candidacy.

The next step will be for the proposal to return to the Culture Committee on September 20. This point was withdrawn from the agenda of the previous one, held in July, because the aforementioned negative reports "did not appear", which were later incorporated after complaints from Más Madrid and PSOE. The resulting opinion will be put to a vote in the municipal plenary session on Tuesday the 27th of the same month, just two days before the opening of the exhibition. vox, who left his posture in the airwill be key for the designation to go ahead or not.

Burton's next release will also arrive this fall

The labyrinth is a tribute to the universe created by Burton. His cinema is crossed by his unique style, recognizable and closely linked to stop motion. His preference for this technique is due to the fact that it is “beautiful and tactile, you can touch it and feel it”. “I prefer that there be a set whenever possible. It helps the actors and everyone”, he defends, looking back on his career.

Addressing issues such as childhood, loneliness and love is another of his hallmarks. However, having explored them as a creator hasn't changed his experience or opinion of them. "There are things that have been part of you since you were little and you will always be linked to them," he maintains with a mixture of enthusiasm and melancholy.

On your next project, the Serie Wednesday for netflix that takes the youngest of The Addams Family as the protagonist; focuses on another life stage, adolescence. The director began creating fiction during the pandemic, “when it seemed that movies were going to change”, in such a way that he took it “as a kind of experiment. I had never done anything like this and decided to give it a try. “I really liked the character and the opportunity to be able to tell the story of him being a little older,” he says.

The title will arrive on the platform in the fall -specific date pending confirmation-, so it will coincide with his possible appointment as 'ambassador' of Madrid and the opening of his exhibition.

The title has great potential to capture the interest of the streaming service's youthful audience, but it's not something to worry about. “I never have a specific audience in mind, I just do the things that I like. If adults, children or animals see them later... It's up to them”, he affirms with irony.

Nor does he give too much importance to the interpretations derived from his works. “I have never thought of my films as overtly political, but life is. Since you go to school it is present, whether you work in a restaurant or, in my case, making movies”, she exposes.

Hence, I understand that there are those who “consider that my feature films have a certain symbology with political denotation. It doesn't bother people to have their own readings because they are stories. They allow you to start from something fantastic to think about it in real terms. This is the power of these kinds of stories.”

My films are not overtly political

Tim Burton

Not in vain, precisely the fantastic is Burton's favorite genre. "It's always real, even monster movies," he argues, "as weird as it may sound, it's all based on human emotion." "I love that it doesn't have to be obvious, because all stories are connected to life," he adds.

Tickets for up to 36 euros and multiple itineraries

In addition to the big and small screen, Burton's universe will move to the exhibition format, through the new immersive exhibition. The director agrees with his title since he recognizes that his mind "is, unfortunately, like a labyrinth." “It represents me because my starting point is always an idea that I never know where it will lead, whether it be a film, a sculpture or a simple drawing. For me art is like an amusement park”, he adds. Beyond the identification of the filmmaker with the title, he has been chosen for the very layout of the exhibition, which will have nearly 300 possible routes.

Those who visit it will be able to choose their own itinerary according to the doors they choose to cross, visiting rooms decorated with lights, technology, music, scenery and costumes from their works. Among them, Alice in Wonderland, Corpse Bride, Frankenweenie, Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It will be open from Thursday to Sunday, with passes every 30 minutes, and its prices will range from 14 to 36 euros.

Burton has lent more than 200 sketches for the event, some of them unpublished and that, as he reveals, "he wasn't even aware he had." “I let them open all the drawers and he was a little crazy. He wasn't aware that he didn't shoot anything at all,” he declares.

A temporary space that the neighbors claim

Tim Burton. The Labyrinth is located in the Ibercaja Delicias Space, located on a public plot in the Madrid district of Arganzuela. Its assignment by Adif and the City Council in 2021 to the LetsGo company was criticized by the residents of the area, who have spent years demanding more public facilities such as an institute or a library; and not the tents for shows that are still installed for the moment.

Hence they regretted that the immediate future of the farms will go through private initiative and leisure. Such is their rejection that they created their own protest platform, Stop Espacio Delicias. The space is provisional, since the license expires next October. However, tickets are sold on the exhibition's website until December 11, so they assume that it will be extended.

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