Tiktok extends the length of videos from 3 minutes to 10

Tiktok extends the length of videos from 3 minutes to 10

The social network TikTok has again expanded the maximum duration of the videos that can be created and uploaded on the platform, which has gone from the three minutes currently in force to ten, more suitable for content such as tutorials.

The social network stood out in its beginnings for its short videos, 15 seconds maximum, although over time the maximum limit has been extended: first to 60 seconds and then to three minutes last July.

Now, the platform has introduced a new limit, which raises the maximum duration of a video to 10 minutes to "unleash even more creative possibilities" of users, as they have confirmed to TechCrunch. This change would benefit content such as tutorials or recipes.

The new duration is also viewed with concern for the role it may have in spreading disinformation. In this sense, and on the occasion of the war in ukrainea company spokesman has assured gadget that they are closely monitoring the situation, "with increased resources to respond to emerging trends and remove infringing content, including disinformation harmful and the promotion of violence".

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