TikTok already lets parents choose who can comment on their children’s posts

Parents can choose whether their children's account is private or not.

Parents can choose whether their children’s account is private or not.

TikTok has added new functions to its family sync mode for underage users And from this Tuesday it already allows parents to choose who can comment on their children’s publications or even choose whether their accounts are private or public.

Earlier this year, the platform launched its Family Sync Mode, which allows parents to link their accounts with their children’s to enable a selection of content and privacy settings.

Now, TikTok has expanded this feature to give parents more supervision and offer families tools to create a TikTok experience that is right for them, as the company reported in a statement.

The Family Synchronization Mode already allowed parents to access functions such as managing time on the screen per day, establishing a restricted mode -which restricts the appearance of content that may not be appropriate for a general audience in the feed- or limit who can send direct messages.

The extension of the Family Synchronization Mode now includes new features in sections such as search, so that it becomes possible to decide if the child can search for content, users, ‘hashtags’ or sounds.

Another of the main novelties comes to the comments, and now TikTok allows you to decide who can comment on children’s videos, with three possible options: everyone, just friends or no one.

Also, parents they can choose if they want their children’s account to be private (the minor is the one who decides who can see their account) or public, so that everyone can search and see their content. Parents can also hide information about videos that their kids liked.


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