February 27, 2021

Tiger Woods: from the fall to the underworld to his fifteenth "major"

Tiger Woods: from the fall to the underworld to his fifteenth "major"

Tiger Woods returns to smile, this time really. Almost more than ever before, and that's already saying. Because he who has fallen and visited hell enjoys paradise more. The life of the American golfer, twisted. Not that it would have been easy before. Life, in general, is not easy. But the "tiger" was a steamroller, a locomotive: its modern golf, strength and imagination, did nothing more than add titles and titles since the late 90s and the beginning of the century: four Augusta Masters (1997, 2001, 2002 and 2005). ), three United States Open (2000, 2002 and 2008), three British Open (2000, 2005 and 2006) and four PGA championships (1999, 2000, 2006 and 2007). In the United States he had conquered his fourteenth "major." He was able to earn more easily, as always, but he did not know that he would have to wait eleven years to add the next.

Because the injuries and something else took hold of him: first he ruined the extra-sports, skirts, in 2009, the first time he decided to stop after a scandal and a fight with his former partner. He returned the following year and in 2013 he had a rebound recovering the number one in the world and winning five titles, although none of them "major". The injuries took control from that moment. He was operated four times on the back, the last one in April 2017, but between 2015 and 2016 he was not playing for the same reason for 15 months. The most delicate moment was in 2017 and resulted in one of the images that accompany this information: they found Tiger Woods sleeping on the steering wheel of his car. In the blood alcohol test was negative, in the drug was detected in blood a mixture of a sedative for anxiety, medicine for insomnia and THC, a substance found in marijuana. Everything had a recipe. I took it to relieve back pain and sleep problems I had. The cocktail was an imprudence that could cost him dear, and Tiger pleaded guilty. He was even in a detoxification clinic.

But that also came out victorious. In November 2017 he returned to compete. "Now I love life," he said at that moment. He went from just being able to move to being a golfer again. And little by little it has been growing. It already touched in 2018 the conquest of another "major". His talent is still intact, although his hair begins to clear and his athletic body has slightly more round shapes. It was only to adjust a few details, because he was born to play this sport. He has not expected much. The Green Jacket returns to be his again in 2019. He is 43 years old and has 15 big tournaments. The historical record of Jack Nicklaus (18) is a little closer.


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