January 19, 2021

Tiffany reissues a historic necklace with a new 80-carat diamond

Madrid, Jan 7 (EFE) .- The emblematic Tiffany jewelry store in New York, in front of which Audrey Hepburn had breakfast in the movie “Breakfast with Diamonds”, has acquired an 80-carat diamond to make a reissue of the historic necklace that it presented in the world exposition in New York in 1939.

“The new necklace with the diamond set is the most expensive jewel that Tiffany has put on sale in its entire history,” sources from the firm revealed this Thursday. The design will be on display to the public in 2022 when the doors of the legendary Fifth Avenue store reopen after two years of remodeling.

The large aquamarine that was set in the original design of that necklace will be replaced in this reissue by an “extraordinary” 80-carat oval cut diamond, the largest diamond Tiffany has put up for sale in its 183-year history. , second only to the priceless mythical Tiffany Diamond, which is not for sale.

“What better way to celebrate the reopening of our remodeled flagship store in 2022 than to do so by reissuing this incredible necklace displayed at the 1939 World’s Fair and which was one of the most impressive jewels when the doors of the new Tiffany building opened at 727 from Fifth Avenue in 1940, “Victoria Reynolds, chief gemologist at Tiffany & Co., said in a statement.

Reynolds noted that the necklace reflects the history and heritage of the brand as the quintessential New York City luxury jewelry, whose founder, Charles L. Tiffany, was dubbed “the King of Diamonds.”

This 80 carat “internally flawless” diamond (defines the category of the piece) and color D, is “unique”, as they have explained, and has been sourced responsibly in Botswana (Africa).

Tiffany, throughout its history, has acquired numerous and exceptional gemstones for its jewelery designs, including the legendary Tiffany Diamond, one of the best and largest yellow diamonds in the world, as well as the Hooker Emerald or Mazarin diamonds, purchased by Tiffany at the French Crown Jewels auction in 1887.


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