July 29, 2021

Tickets for the friendly match between Spain and Bosnia will be available on Tuesday – La Provincia

Tickets for the friendly match between Spain and Bosnia will be available on Tuesday - La Provincia

The countdown begins for the international match of the absolute selections of Spain and Bosnia Herzegovina, scheduled for next Sunday (November 18), starting at 19.45. 

With almost 8,000 tickets sold through the internet, this Tuesday will open the box office of the stadium of Gran Canaria in order that fans have the opportunity to make their purchases well in advance.

The hours of sale are established between 10.00 and 20.00 hours (uninterrupted). For the purchase of tickets it will be necessary to provide the ID at the ticket office.

In addition, the RFEF has decided to expand the quota of tickets that can be purchased as a maximum per person, which passes from 2 to 4.

The prices of the localities are the following:
TRIBUNA: Special Tribune, € 60; Medium grandstand, € 55; Low grandstand, € 50 and grandstand, € 45.
GRADA SUR: Medium south tier, € 45; South low tier, € 40 and High South tier, € 35.
GRADE CURVE: Average curve, € 30; Curve ba, € 25 and High curve, € 20.
GRADO NACIENTE: Rising, € 20
FUNCTIONAL DIVERSITY (wheelchair more companion): Tribune, € 40.

Another novelty of the international match is marked by the celebration, on Monday, of the technical safety meeting, an event that will be held at the headquarters of the Government delegation in the Canary Islands. In this meeting will analyze and coordinate the broad device that should be established to ensure the safety of the two sports expeditions and the development of the meeting.

The Spanish selection enters Monday in a crucial week as it disputes a decisive match against Croatia corresponding to the UEFA Nations League. This game will be played on Thursday, few dates before your trip to Gran Canaria. With regard to Croatia, the coach said that "it will not have anything to do with the Elche match, everything changes very fast, for me it is a very nice game to prepare and play in. There is no other option but to win against Croatia. They are also dependent on them, we were not expecting anything else, we are competing against two of the best teams in the world, I really want to see our competitors compete in a hostile environment, with the obligation to win, we will try to play the attack and win. "

On your visit to Gran Canaria, those of 'La Roja' will have the opportunity to celebrate the honey of glory or the gall of bitter defeat. The fans of Gran Canaria will be vital in both cases.


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