August 3, 2020

Tickets for Manuel Carrasco concerts in the Canary Islands – La Provincia

Manuel Carrasco devastates at the box office throughout its Spanish tour and Canary Islands It wasn't going to be less. Two months to his concerts in Open Sea Festival, the Andalusian artist has already exceeded 9,000 tickets sold For your double date. And all, almost two months for his concerts, so the full one can be seen before October 18 and 19 that will perform at the Gran Canaria Arena and the Santiago Martín Pavilionrespectively.

Tickets are on sale on the Open Sea website, on the ticket sales website and on the website of the artist himself, in addition to the website of the Santiago Martín pavilion, only for the concert of Tenerife.

The tour The Cross of the Map He will put his last two crosses in the Canary Islands. Manuel Carrasco started his tour in May and will end in October, although it is very possible that this is only the first part and they are announced new dates for Spain and Latin America for next 2020.

Manuel Carrasco is the Spanish artist of the moment. Nobody has a more massive and spectacular tour in 2019. And the criticism is unanimous, the Andalusian artist has made a definitive leap in quality and staging with The Cross of the Map. Tickets fly from the moment they go on sale and it is the event of the year Be at your concerts.

This is demonstrated by the numbers: in Huelva sold out the tickets of his first concert in just a few hours, the fullness of the Benito Villamarín Stadium in Seville before 45,000 people or the already historic concert of Manuel Carrasco in the Wanda Metropolitano de Madrid where the 'no tickets' sign was posted with 55,000 seats sold. More than 200,000 spectators have already enjoyed the incredible direct of the Andalusian artist.

The stage, lighting and sound montage is the greatest of his musical career and of the greatest in the history of Spanish music. The concert is a vital journey that excites because it is born from his deepest talent. And all with their dose of genius composing in all their concerts some stanzas dedicated to the city you visit. That is an exclusivity of Manuel Carrasco that captivates and gives each concert its evident dose of unique.

The Huelva artist will recast in his two concerts in the Canary Islands the latest compositions contained in this study work that devastates as number 1 of sales in Spain and already has exceeded five million views on Spotify. Already the last time he was also offered some exclusive surprise in Tenerife and Gran Canaria, so there will surely be more things to not miss the concert of the year.


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