Thyssen de Málaga explores the creative capacity of error in an installation

Malaga, Sep 13 (EFE) .- Using the traditional "trial-error" learning system, the Carmen Thyssen Museum in Malaga focuses on the creative capacity of error in a participatory audiovisual installation by video creator Yolanda Montiel and musician Daniel Blacksmith inaugurated this Monday in its Noble Room.

The artistic director of the Museum, Lourdes Moreno, has pointed out in the presentation that, while these spaces usually show "finished projects ready to be presented", the installation "Essay-error" offers "the intimacy of the process creative".

According to Moreno, "the most innovative museums will become nuclei of artistic and social relations" such as those promoted by this initiative that "builds bridges with other disciplines."

It is, the director added, a "horizontal project that causes the crossing of diverse knowledge", in this case of artists from different disciplines such as dance, music or video creation, and that "enhances the participation of the public, who become one more creator ".

For her part, the video creator Yolanda Montiel has pointed out that this installation is based on the discovery that "error is something to learn from and a completely unexplored universe in which the most human side as artists and as people hides."

For Montiel, art "is the greatest tool for social transformation that exists, because it connects with emotions."

Along with Montiel and Blacksmith, the stage creators Lula Amir, Ximena Carnevale, Olga Magaña and María del Mar Suárez "La Chachi" have participated in this installation, who have recorded their rehearsals during the artistic process to invite the public to witness this intimate place .


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