March 8, 2021

Thus I suffered the (social) laws of the algorithm god | Trends

In these times, an algorithm weighs more than the Coca-Cola formula. An algorithm is, in theoretical terms, a set of operations that serve to solve a problem. In practice it is a demiurge who knows everything, who watches and controls us, feared by how many we have an account on social networks because we know that everything we look at, comment and cheer can be used against us.

Even what we think. Although the latter is still a conspiracy statement at the moment, it is certain that on more than one occasion they will have discussed it with relatives. We think about it and suddenly it appears on Facebook or Instagram, in the form of a suggested ad or contact. And that's when we feel the regret of having had that thought, and we remember Orwell, his 1984 and that at any moment we will pay for the crimental perpetrated The Algorithm He has discovered us. If you are looking for a less dystopian explanation you can go to the article of Sergio C. Fanjul; Don't worry, we'll find out.

The fact is that on some occasion they have been victims of this continuous examination to which we are dedicated. They are eyeing placidly the feed Instagram and the least expected have sneaked six ads. Some of them will not even have noticed but there they are, slowly seeping into their subconscious through the retinas; infiltrating their lives and their doctrines.

I became aware of the extent to which this harassment to which social networks subjected us with their publicity was getting underway when I turned 35. I don't know if they will know that it is the age at which, in general terms, the ovarian reserve begins to plummet. Why 35 and not 28 or 39? Whims of nature. Be that as it may, it is when the alarms that something is wrong, that you are in the doldrums, you are still not playing and on top of that, are so loud. It is time to activate emergency devices.

If years ago I had experienced a heinous harassment like so many thousands of other women for the Clearblue brand and their pregnancy tests that I swear I will never buy, in my fertility decline past 35 the nightmare increases to points that can not even imagine. In a matter of two or three days, I can receive more than 30 maternity-related announcements as a female reproductive that I am considered.

Such announcements first addressed the issue from the possibility of infertility, because at my age and without children something must fail. "Did you know that about 15% of couples of reproductive age suffer from conditions that affect their fertility?" I learned from one of those ads from a clinic dedicated to "helping us." Another one sold me “A baby as I had always imagined” at the same time that its director of the cryobiology unit told me “that you have decided to take the right step at the right time”. And as much as it was, I took the step and denounced the ad as inappropriate.

Then came that of overcome your fear of childbirth, if instead of infertile she was a coward. That although I am, the Algorithm must have believed that I had finally overcome it, because I became a virtual pregnant woman. Girl or boy? (5D ultrasound), Pregnant, wanting to keep fit but no time to go to the gym? (fitness program), Know your baby before he is born (Home scanner in case you can't wait to go to the doctor to see the ultrasound in 5D and Dolby Surround).

And it seems that the big day came, since the announcements of baby cameras began, yoga with baby, hydrotherapy for early stimulation, baby pots, mini cribs that are transformed into five stages for longer use, family health insurance, gadgets To improve motor skills, a year of free childcare courtesy of an ointment and cheap clothing, which is already known: children grow very fast.

On the other hand, they offer me a miraculous bra Instant Lift-Up and a good abdominal surgery to repair collateral damage of reproduction. Because at this point it is clear that, besides being mothers, we have to be good aunts; something that although not compatible at all should not be a suggestion Social.

Now is when the expert voice tells us: "If it comes out it is because it is among your interests." On the one hand I will tell you that I usually hide these ads and mark them as "unimportant"; on the other, at this point and following with several intimacies, I confess that my desire to be a mother is void at this precise moment, that I can dislike the canned laughter of babies and that with my fifty-three kilos I doubt that I am available to Remove excess abdominal fat. Even so, I resist believing that God Algorithm fails the shot.

It seems that in these matters our interests do not matter so much or if we have other tastes or life projects, because if we are women and we are old, we are the target of this type of invasive advertisements and rushing; Thus, we receive daily advertising messages that subtly establish patterns of behavior, instilling social dogmas and defining the way forward.

The case of the male profile instead runs better luck. The test is as simple as making another account with the same characteristics, age, following the same people and showing the same interests but appearing as a man. Come in and enjoy travel suggestions, design portfolios, and techies gadgets various.

Sandra Martorell She is a professor of the Studies of Information and Communication Sciences of the Open University of Catalonia

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