Thunberg accuses leaders of having surrendered to global warming

The young activist Greta Thunberg has lashed out against political and economic leaders on Tuesday for "giving up" in the fight against global warming, and for having put immediate economic interests before the necessary ecological transition.

"I wonder what you will say to your children in the face of this chaos," Thunberg told the audience that he was listening to his main speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Thunberg, who already participated with other young people in a panel in the morning in which he pointed out that "nothing has been done" in the fight against climate change in recent times, has insisted on the need to wait no longer and end Starting with the use of fossil fuels.

Thus, he has called on all economic and political leaders to immediately end investments in fossil fuel extraction, as well as subsidies that favor its use.

The Swedish activist has had her second and main intervention after that of US President Donald Trump, who before the Davos assistants has joined the initiative to plant a billion trees promoted by this forum.

"Planting trees is fine but not far from what you need to do," said Thunberg, for whom it is no longer about reducing carbon emissions, but ending them forever if the goal of Paris is to be achieved that the temperature of the planet does not rise more than 1.5 degrees.

In addition, he has said he understands that everyone is concerned that the United States leaves the Paris Agreement, but has reproached that nobody is worried or outraged that all the signatories are already "breaking it".

He has recognized that the ecological transition is a hard process, especially economically but not for that reason it must be renounced.

That is why he has insisted on the need to face this transition by putting "all the cards on the table".

The Swedish activist has addressed her message above all to the political leaders, to whom she has indicated that she cannot "care less" about her political affiliation. For her, both the right and the left and the center "have failed" in the fight against the climatic emergency.

And he has also criticized the "empty words" and the "promises" of those who speak of the climate wanting to give the impression that they are acting, when in the end they do not.

The seventeen-year-old girl has also regretted that adults call children like her pessimistic and ask them not to worry about these issues, but then do nothing to solve them.

Greta Thunberg has started this speech remembering that when he first came to Davos last year he already warned that our house, planet Earth, was "on fire" and a year later, he has lamented, it remains the same.

"Our house is still on fire and your inaction fuels the flames every hour. We ask you to act if you love your children above everything else," he concluded.


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