July 16, 2020

Three young people are denounced for a bottle inside a flat in Lugo

Agents of the Night Operational Group of the Local Police of Lugo denounced three young men of 20 and 21 years old who were participating last morning in a large bottle organized inside a flat.

As reported by the Local Police itself, the events occurred after half past four in the morning, when residents of a building located in Rúa Azúmara called to complain about the noise coming from inside a house.

When they appeared at the scene, the agents verified that there was a group of young people consuming alcoholic beverages inside the home.

The agents verified that three of the young people gathered, aged between 20 and 21 years, did not reside in that home, so they filed the corresponding complaint against them for skipping the confinement imposed by the state of alarm.

The proposed penalties for this serious offense range from 601 to 30,000 euros.


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