Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

Three years in prison for the "pirates" of "Seriesyonkis"

Three years in prison for the "pirates" of "Seriesyonkis"

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At the beginning of the week, Alberto García Sola, founder of the "" platform, affirmed in the first view that he did it as a way of entertainment and that the responsibility should fall on the users. He continued to maintain that his work was that of an "intermediary": a website that hosted links to move visitors to external sites to consume content. However, as the report of the Observatory of Piracy and Habits of consumption of digital content this year, half of Internet users who seek to watch movies, read books or follow their favorite series online do not know how to distinguish between legal platforms and illegal. So, business or "hobbie"?

Given this, the first major trial against "piracy" that takes place in Spain continues and brings news: the Public Prosecutor's Office has increased the prison sentence requested for the four defendants from two to three yearss - in addition to the founder, Alexis Hoepfner, owner of Burn Media SL and who bought " and" Pelí for 610,000 euros, as well as its partners Jordi Tamargo and David Martínez are on the bench. To this request and according to Europa Press, the Prosecutor claims that each one pays 167 million euros in compensation to the producers for the damage caused by illegal downloads of his films.

Although the Entity of Management of Rights of the Audiovisual Producers (EGEDA) requested and has returned to claim a sum of 546 million euros to the defendants for "piracy", the figure remains in what was assessed by the judicial expert.

Tests and looks at the past

The trial, which began on Monday, has continued these days with several interventions. Being the first day the turn of the denounced, in the rest of the views have been the witnesses who have given their version of the facts. One of them contributed a data, it seems, key: found in the computer of former owner of "" a folder with the same name that contained movies, more than 4,000 miniature covers and other documents. For their part, the lawyers of the four defenders have insisted on keeping their speech: they ask for the free acquittal of their clients since, they argue, the conduct prosecuted was not criminal at the time it was carried out. "You can not look at the past with the eyes of the present," they say.


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