June 21, 2021

Three tararú touches announce the arrest of Jesus betrayed by Judas

Three tararú touches announce the arrest of Jesus betrayed by Judas

Three strokes at the door of the church of San Miguel interspersed with three other touches of Taratu have announced, as every Holy Tuesday, the arrest of Jesus betrayed by Judas, in one of the most singular, intimate and solemn moments of the Week Santa de Palencia, declared of International Tourist Interest.

Under the bell tower of the temple, which more closely resembles the tower of a castle than a church and which overlooks the Carrión river for more than eight centuries, has been developed one more year the act of the Prendimiento, which until 2013 was celebrated in the Cathedral of Palencia and jointly organized by the Brotherhood of Nuestro Padre Jesús Nazareno and the Archconfraternity of Jesús de Medinaceli.

Hundreds of people waited impatiently in the Plaza de San Miguel for the arrival of the brothers of Jesus Nazareno to apprehend Jesus, recreating one of the most singular, intimate and solemn moments of the Holy Week of Palencia, of International Tourist Interest since 2012.

One hour before, at eight o'clock in the afternoon, the delegation of Nazarene brothers departed from the Chapel of Jesus Nazarene accompanying the passage of The Treason of Judas, a modern group formed by the figures of Judas and Jesus, work of Carlos Guerra del Moral , one of the best known image makers in modern Andalusia.

On a wooden carriage, adorned with medallions with representations of the fourteen scenes of the Way of the Cross, Jesus and Judas have advanced in silence to the beat that marked the Band of Cornets and drums of the Brotherhood of Jesus Nazarene.

With the arrival of the brotherhoods in San Miguel, the salute of banners has taken place, one of the singularities of Holy Week in Palencia, in which the nine brotherhoods participate in all the processional parades.

And there has taken place the act of Prendimiento, which has begun with the reading of the Gospel passage of the betrayal of Judas by three narrators, among them the parish priest of San Miguel, Fernando Solomon.

It has been at the command of "Prendedle" when a Nazarene brother has given three dry blows with the staff at the door of the temple interspersed with three other touches of Taratu.

The silence was then made, while the door was opened in response to the call of the brother, and the hymn of Medinaceli began to sound, while at the same time the carriage of Christ of Medinaceli, a 17th-century carving of the author anonymous, escorted by the brothers of his brotherhood.

This act, which represents the capture of Jesus Christ in the Garden of Olives, has ended with the placement of shackles at the feet of the Nazarene, as a symbol of his captivity, while the image of the Betrayal of Judas and a brother wearing a crown of thorns remained motionless directly opposite.

After the act of the Prendimiento has begun the procession that has traveled the most central streets of Palencia, where it has been followed by many Palencia, until reaching the Plaza de San Pablo, where after some prayers the Band of Cornets and Drums of the Brotherhood He has put an end to the procession.

After the brothers of Medinaceli have accompanied the Christ to the Church of San Miguel where he is venerated the rest of the year and especially on the first Friday of March, when the temple is filled with visitors who come to the chapel where the image is and they kiss the golden cord that holds in their hands.


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