Three sports cameras for less than 150 euros so as not to miss the GoPro

Sports cameras can be one of the best devices for those people who practice sports and they want to register it. Small, very handy and with a multitude of gadgets to facilitate its use during exercise.

Compared to traditional cameras, the well-known GoPro have become very popular in recent years. Although not particularly good for photography, their "fisheye", their versatility and their video quality made them the perfect ally for athletes.

But the models of the famous brand can exceed 300 euros. This may put off some users looking to either start recording their adventures, or just a device to use from time to time.

Therefore we recommend some of the cheapest models and with the best results in the market.

1. Xiaomi Mi Action 4K: a reliable brand

A common brand in this type of list is usually Xiaomi, and it could not be missing in this one. The Xiaomi Mi Action 4K camera is presented as one of the best alternatives to GoPro, yes, for a few 140 euros of price, although it can be found cheaper.

It is a sports camera with a 12 megapixel sensor from Sony that achieves very good results. The camera allows recording in 4K resolution with 30 fps (frames per second) that, practically, will delight any user.

If 4K is too high a resolution, it also allows record at 1080p with a rate of 120 fps and at 720p with 240 fps. Although the fps is not something that the user usually takes into account, in the case of sports cameras it is something very important: a low rate can mean that quality is lost when recording depending on which sports.

Another of its attractions is the screen that it brings, allowing watch the videos we record directly from the device. In addition, thanks to its operating system, it also allows you to make short edits of 30 seconds.

2. APEMAN A80 4K: 80 euros and good result

But the Xiaomi model is not a really small investment. The APEMAN A80 4K is, regarding the price, much more competitive: does not exceed 80 euros.

APEMAN is a well-known brand when it comes to sports cameras, and this model has almost everything to look for in these devices. Although allows recording in 4K at 24 fps, the reality is that this resolution is not the one that gives off the highest quality (its price must be taken into account).

Therefore, it is recommended to use to record videos at 2K and 30 fps or, directly, at 1080p with 60fps, where it really shines. The stabilizer, a very important feature in this type of camera, comes by software (Gyro), but it still fulfills everything that is expected from a device of this price.

Although its battery is not particularly powerful, 1050 mAh, the camera pack includes two batteries, something to be thankful for. At the same time, and like Xiaomi's, this camera has its own screen and has Wi-Fi connectivity.

3. Victure AC920 4K: the most complete and competitive

But the best alternative, for less than 100 euros, is surely the Victure AC920 4K. A sports camera that, meeting all expectations, round between 80 and 120 euros.

With a 20MP Sony sensor, the AC920 allows you to record videos in 4K resolution at 60 fps, something unusual in this price range. This means that, in practically any sport that is practiced, the camera will respond very well in video quality without the need to lower the resolution.

Even so too allows recording in 1080p at a rate of 120 fps. It includes, like the previous one, two batteries each of 1350 mAh, which should be enough for almost any user (90 minutes of use at 4K and 180 minutes at 1080p).

The stabilizer, which is electronic, is where is this camera weakest. Despite not being bad, it is true that it does not achieve great results either, being able to blur the image depending on the activity we are doing.

Although, the AC920 has some very interesting additions. First of all, it allows change the format in which the video is recorded: H.264 (the usual mp4) and H.265, a more compressed mp4 (which means less battery consumption and less memory space).

Secondly, accepts microSD cards up to 128GBUnusual for budget models - the A80, for example, only accepts up to 64GB. And thirdly, it can be used as a webcam with very good results. These are some details that can make a difference.

What to keep in mind

If any of these models does not convince you, the market for sports cameras is very wide. Therefore, if you decide to find another one that better adapts to the situation, we leave you a quick battery of tips:

  • Stabilizer. A sports or action camera needs at least a decent stabilizer to prevent videos from looking bad or images from not being recognized.
  • Resistance. Although the previous models comply in this section, you should look at, for example, shock resistance or how many meters of water depth they hold. Part of the charm of these devices is the versatility of situations.
  • Connections. Most come with Wi-Fi connectivity and even Bluetooth; but it is worth noting whether it has a USB-C port or the memory expansion capacity it has.
  • accessories. The great attraction of these cameras usually lies in the amount of accessories that they allow. Tapes to wear on the head, on the chest; extendable handles or grips and a long etcetera. When choosing a sports camera, check that it is compatible with a large number of accessories, as this will extend the useful life of it (and its uses).

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