Three Spanish experts declare in the case of Valencian murdered in Mexico

Three Spanish experts declare in the case of Valencian murdered in Mexico

Three experts from the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) summoned by the defense today declared by videoconference in the case of the Valencian Pilar Garrido, allegedly murdered in Mexico by her husband, Jorge Fernández.

According to Jesús Eduardo Govea, lawyer of the husband, explained to Efe, this Monday three of the five Spanish experts who have to testify in this trial, which started at the end of August.

"The hypothesis that we have been referring to very clearly emerges from the experts, who are very conclusive in determining that the causes of death can not be established based on the skeletal remains examined," he said.

According to the State Attorney's Office of Tamaulipas, which has already presented its evidence in this trial, Garrido's death was due to "mechanical suffocation due to strangulation," according to the expert report issued based on the skeletal remains found on July 26, 2017. .

But the defense has always maintained that this study shows inconsistencies and, for this, asked a group of experts to prepare several reports - in criminology, forensic medicine and injury mechanics - to deny this theory that would point to Garrido's husband.

The hearing on Monday began at 07.00 local time (13.00 GMT) and lasted about two and a half hours. "It was very dynamic, given the clarity with which they conducted themselves" the specialists, said the private attorney.

In Madrid, he explained, the videoconference was carried out from an installation of the Ministry of Justice.

Bernardo Perea, director of the Department of Legal Medicine, Psychiatry and Pathology of the UCM, and PhDs in Biomedical Sciences and Forensic Anthropology Specialists María Benito Sánchez and Alexandra Muñoz participated.

This Tuesday is scheduled to testify two key witnesses, the mother and sister of the 34-year-old Valencian, who have always maintained that Fernandez is innocent.

On Wednesday, December 19, two other experts from the UCM would be present to give a statement via videoconference. And after this intervention, the case should be closed with the last statements of closure by the Office of the Prosecutor and defense.

Pilar Garrido disappeared on July 2, 2017 when she was traveling with her husband and baby in the car back to Ciudad Victoria, in the northeastern state of Tamaulipas, after spending a few days on the beach.

At the end of July, skeletal remains and tatters of clothing were found near the place of disappearance, and 15 days later the DNA tests allowed identifying the Valencian one.

The case was reversed when the State Prosecutor's Office arrested Fernández on August 29, 2017, alleging contradictions in his statements.


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