May 16, 2021

Three Spanish cheeses are awarded among the best in the world

Three Spanish cheeses are awarded among the best in the world


Three Spanish cheeses have been awarded among the best in the world. The cheeses «Reserve 12 Months» and «Cured Mixture», made in Ciudad Real for the own brand of Lidl, Roncero, have been recognized with a Gold Medal (gold) and a SuperGold Medal (super gold), respectively, in the latest edition of the World Cheese Awards. Also, the Canarian goat cheese «Semi-cooked with Paprika» of the Volcania brand, made in Fuerteventura also for Lidl, has been recognized with the Gold Medal in the same event.

In a press release, the German supermarket chain reported receiving the awards and explained that «it has a complete range of cheeses in which its priority is to offer its customers quality items at the most competitive price in the market » Under its brand Roncero, Lidl has cheeses made with milk of national origin, with all the cures and existing formats, from the most tender cheese of Burgos, to the ecological cheese in slices, creamy spreads or varieties of goat, sheep and mix.

Lidl also highlights that 30 of its 100 cheese references correspond to varieties from local suppliers located in different national regions. «One of the objectives of Lidl is to be able to make a tour through Spain through its selection of cow, goat and sheep cheeses», adds the press release.

The award-winning cheeses are from the Roncero brand, taught exclusively by Lidl and produced in Ciudad Real: «Reserve 12 Months», sold in pieces of 200 grams with a price of 2.59 euros. On the other hand, «Cured Mixture» in 300 grams (2.49 euros) and cut (250 grams for 2.69 euros) format; and Canarian cheese Volcania, exclusive brand of Lidl made in Fuerteventura, goat "Semi-ripened with Paprika" in wedge format (300 grams for 3.89 euros).

Considered as the Oscars of cheeses, the World Cheese Awards is an international contest in which the best cheeses in the world are awarded, both globally and by format, modality and origin. Spain is the second country with the highest representation among the top honors, behind Italy.

The jury of the World Cheese Awards, separated in teams of three or four people, grants three grades to the cheeses: gold, silver or bronze. In addition, each team grants a cheese the Super Gold, which is the best of all and which results in 66 cheeses that are re-judged and from which the list of 16 Super Gold, the 16 best cheeses will be prepared. of the world.

This list is prepared by the grand jury, a representation of the 230 experts who have to choose between more than 3,400 products that are presented to the contest each year. Thus, they evaluate the cheese's crust and body, its color, texture, consistency and, above all, the flavor to establish its rating.


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