July 14, 2020

Three shows planned by Cuys in 2020 replaced – La Provincia

For reasons beyond their control, he Cuyás Theater It is the obligation to replace three of the shows that, in the framework of its 20th anniversary, had planned for the final stretch of the 2019/2020 season.

This is the performance in April of the Ballet of Víctor Ullate, recently closed, and the two installations planned in the month of June: What do we do with Walter? and The crazy cage. Instead, he will exhibit another dance show, Nudity, and three theater: The children, Jauría and Old friend Cicero.

Max Awards

Directed, choreographed and interpreted by Daniel Abreu from Tenerife (National Dance Award 2014), Nudity won three Max awards in 2018 (Best Dance Show, Best Male Dance Performer and Best Choreography) and also has the participation of the National Dance Award 2019, the Gran Canaria Dácil González. The work is a poetic proposal about knowing how to love oneself. On the scene, two figures pointing an idea of ​​polarity and travel from death to love, to which music accompanies (the musician, the grave sound of the wind in the metal …).

"Nudity is an act of death, like exhalation, taking everything out so that something new begins and at the same time nudity is to build with the illusion that this was the definitive thing," explain those responsible, for whom "nudity responds to that place of intimacy, where the questions no longer exist. " With a single pass on April 25, 'Nudity' will replace the performance of the already dissolved Víctor Ullate Ballet in the program.

Kamikaze and Pou

Already in June, Children will replace days 5 and 6 to the show What do we do with Walter? initially planned on those same dates. This is a proposal by Kamikaze Teatro released just a few days ago, directed by David Serrano from a text by Lucy Kirkwood and with Adriana Ozores, Susi Sánchez and Joaquín Climent as protagonists.

Deepening responsibility towards future generations, the work takes place in the near future and deals with the consequences of a catastrophe in a nuclear power plant. Since the disaster at a nearby plant, two retired scientists, Hazel and Robin, live in a "small cabin on the east coast", trying to lead a life of apparent normality despite the fact that electricity is rationed and that they have a counter for Measure any sign of radiation. Suddenly, Rose is presented, a physical colleague whom they had not seen in 38 years, forcing them to reflect on the impact of their lives on generations to come.

On June 12 and 13 it will be the turn of one of the theatrical phenomena of recent times, also of Kamikaze. Pack Jordi Casanovas' work directed by Miguel del Arco addresses the trial of those accused of the famous and unfortunate case of the pack, in which a young woman was raped by a group of men during the San Fermin festivities. The assembly, which stars Álex García, Fran Cantos, María Hervás, Ignacio Mateos, Martiño Rivas and Raúl Prieto, is based on the transcripts of the trial and the statements published by the media. Documentary fiction from a very real material with which to travel to the mind of victim and aggressors.

Finally, and starring Josep María Pou, Old friend Cicero it will be exhibited on the 19th and 20th of the same month, in substitution, like the previous one, of The crazy cages and thus closing the 2019/2020 season of the Cabildo site. The play, which was premiered at the 65th International Festival of Classical Theater of Mérida, is written by Ernesto Caballero and directed by Mario Gas and raises issues of hot news without any other claim than to raise a civic debate based on the teachings of the famous Roman speaker interpreted, from a contemporary aesthetic, by Pou, to epitomize the moral integrity of those who maintain the coherence of their political convictions even in the most adverse circumstances.


The Cuyás Theater, which regrets the inconvenience of these changes, will automatically return the amount of its tickets to those who bought them online. Those who had done it at the box office should go to it with their locations and before June 27 to request a refund.

Also, tickets for the three new shows will go on sale next December 10, both on the website www.teatrocuyas.com and at the box office, open in the street Viera and Clavijo de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on Monday to Friday from 5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and Saturdays from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

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