Three rockets hit near the US Embassy in Baghdad

Three Katiusha rockets struck tonight near the US Embassy in Baghdad, located in the fortified Green Zone, which has been the target of numerous projectile attacks since the beginning of the year following the outbreak of tension between Washington and Tehran.

An Iraqi Interior Ministry source, who requested anonymity, informed Efe that three rockets fell in the vicinity of the diplomatic headquarters, which sounded the alarm sirens of the building, which could be heard on the perimeter of the Zone Green.

That safe area is located in the center of Baghdad, on the banks of the Tigris River, and there are all embassies, ministerial headquarters and other government buildings.

Numerous projectiles have impacted in central Baghdad and near or in the Green Zone in the past few weeks, when there have been frequent rocket attacks that have not caused casualties except for some injuries and property damage to buildings and vehicles.

Attacks of this type have also been registered against Iraqi military bases in which US troops are present, since Washington killed Iranian commander Qasem Soleimaní in a selective bombing in Baghdad on the morning of January 3.

Since then the tension has remained high in Iraq, which was also the scene of Iran's reprisals against the US. a few days later, with the launch of missiles against two bases in which North American forces are prominent.

Prior to both attacks, the US Embassy had been assaulted by members and supporters of the Shiite Iraqi militias Popular Crowd, which Washington is responsible for attacks on its interests on Iraqi soil, such as the one that cost the life of a US contractor. UU. last December 27th.


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