Three outbreaks in prisons in the Canary Islands leave 83 infections

Most of the infections associated with Las Palmas II have occurred in module 11 of the prison, where particularly troubled prisoners are admitted, while in module 12 there are another five infected people, detailed the Government delegate in the Canary Islands, Anselmo Tab.

These three outbreaks are part of the 260 recorded in the last week in the Archipelago with 1,179 cases, of which 118 have occurred in Gran Canaria, 108 in Tenerife, 14 in Fuerteventura, nine in Lanzarote, eight in La Palma and three in La Gomera.


By area in which they have occurred, 116 are family outbreaks, 105 social, 26 work, five in socially vulnerable groups, three sports, two educational, two social health and one health.

In general, all shoots have fewer than 10 associated cases except for eight outbreaks that exceed that number.

Among the most numerous social outbreaks, two stand out in Fuerteventura with 14 and 10 cases, one in Gran Canaria with nine cases, one in Lanzarote with eight cases, and five outbreaks with seven cases: three in Gran Canaria, one in La Palma and one in Tenerife.

Regarding the shoots of labor originAmong the most numerous, one with 12 cases in a home care company in La Palma stands out, one with nine positives in an office in Gran Canaria, one with seven affected people in a hotel in Gran Canaria, one in a beauty center of Gran Canaria with seven cases and one with six cases reported in a restaurant in Fuerteventura.

It also stands out, as one of the most numerous, a family member with several addresses involved that affects 12 people on the island of Tenerife.

Regarding the two educational shoots, one has been reported in Gran Canaria and has 14 cases and another in Lanzarote with six people involved.

Of the three sports outbreaks, all reported in Tenerife, one affects six athletes linked to water polo, one has been reported in a gym and has five people affected and another, with three cases, is related to swimming.

The socio-sanitary outbreaks, all three in Tenerife, one has a family branch and has 11 cases in the San Miguel Disability Center, another in the Mirador de Ifara affects five people and another, in the Davida residence, has an associated case.

Regarding the health outbreak, reported at the Insular University Hospital of Gran Canaria, it has 17 cases, of which 10 are patients and seven are workers.

A construction company already has 63 positives

It also continues to monitor 39 ancient shoots, of which some have grown in number of cases. Thus, a social health outbreak is maintained in the Los Olivos residence, in Gran Canaria, which has been increasing its number of cases until reaching 45 cases, of which 36 are residents and the rest are workers. There is also a reported work outbreak in a construction company in Gran Canaria that already has 63 cases, a sports outbreak with social ramification in Gran Canaria has 38 linked positives, a sports / family outbreak with 35 cases in Tenerife and one reported on a birthday in Tenerife, which already has 27 positives.

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