June 14, 2021

Three more women denounce one of the detainees of Callosa for abuse | Society

Three more women denounce one of the detainees of Callosa for abuse | Society

One of the members of the group who allegedly sexually abused a 19 year old woman in Callosa d'En Sarrià (Alicante) on New Year's Eve has received three complaints of similar events since his arrest, according to the Civil Guard in a statement. This is the 22-year-old male who already had a history of sexist violence and sexual abuse of a minor and, like all those involved, was sent to prison by court number 4 of Villajoyosa the last day 4.

According to the same sources, the first complaint, for an attempted sexual assault and the commission of a crime of sexual abuse, was filed by a minor under 17 years of age, the day after the arrest. According to his statement, the arrested man picked her up in his vehicle last October, around two in the morning, to take her to his home in Callosa.

The defendant threatened her in order to have sexual relations and tried to introduce her into her home. The victim said he managed to escape and flee from his attacker, although investigators believe that "during the struggle there would have been a crime against sexual freedom." The statement adds that, finally, the minor received the help of other people.

The second complaint is filed by a 22-year-old woman after learning of the arrest of this alleged aggressor. In January of last year, this woman was a couple of one of those also arrested for the group rape on January 1. On the day of the events, the Civil Guard continues, the possible victim and his ex-partner were at home and received the visit of the defendant and another friend, whom the investigators are trying to identify. After her arrival, both the complainant and her partner then "lose consciousness until the next day", when she was found "naked from the waist down and with internal injuries".

The third complaint comes from an 18-year-old woman, ex-partner of the alleged aggressor. According to his statement, "during a trip made in June 2018", the accused "forcibly forces him to have sexual relations with him", after having carried out a "violent discussion" in the presence of third parties. The sources consulted indicate that this fact is being investigated, since they consider that there is the possibility of finding eyewitnesses "who could corroborate what happened".

All these notifications are framed within the open investigation to clarify what happened last New Year's Eve in a house in Callosa. On January 1, the Civil Guard received a call in which they warned of a sexual assault that four men of 19, 21, 22 and 24 years were committing against a 19-year-old woman in the basement of a house in this Alicante town of just 7,000 inhabitants.

When they arrived at the scene, the agents surprised three of the alleged attackers in fragrance. One of them was lying on the girl, who was lying on the half-naked floor, while another was pulling up her pants. The fourth suspect, who like all the members of the group was sent to provisional detention three days later, was located shortly after.

For these facts, the defense of the alleged victim of gang rape will request at least 15 years in prison for each of the aggressors. In his opinion, all of them are authors of a crime of continued sexual aggression and, in addition, necessary cooperators in those committed by their peers. The decision of the victim's lawyer contrasts with that of the number 4 court in Villajoyosa, whose owner sent the four alleged offenders to prison for a crime of sexual assault, two others for sexual abuse and another against intimacy. add the aggravating factors of abuse of superiority and humiliating treatment that have been added to the case, according to sources from the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community (TSJCV).

The lawyer of the defense, Francisco González, weighs in addition to extend the accusation to a witness of the case, owner of the first house, located in Benidorm, to which the defendants transferred the victim to rape her, before opting to take her to the address of one of them in Callosa. According to the victim's lawyer, this person agreed to house the members of the group and the girl, who already showed obvious signs of drunkenness and who possibly had been drugged, but then expelled them without filing any complaint. Researchers have requested a toxicological analysis to confirm whether the assailants intoxicated the victim with some substance inhibiting the will.

The defense lawyer of the victim also alluded to the video that the aggressors themselves recorded during the alleged commission of the crimes. As he explained, it is a "disgusting" and "very unpleasant" video of about five minutes in which everything that happened clearly is appreciated and which, according to the lawyer, testifies that the relations were not allowed, since the victim did not stop repeating "no, no, no" and "stop, stop". The existence of these images has been confirmed by sources of the investigation, who have also indicated that they have already obtained authorization from the court to track the contents of all defendants' cell phones.

For his part, the lawyer of two of the detainees, Joaquín Ródenas, told Efe that his defendants, the alleged aggressors of 19 and 24 years, do not remember "anything", not even how they arrived at Callosa's house. Rodenas said that his defendants admitted to partying in Benidorm during New Year's Eve and that later they moved to a house in this same town to continue consuming drinks. According to his statement, the defendants indicated that "a drink" appeared that they did not know about, and that, from that moment, "they do not remember anything".

The lawyer also said that their defendants are "two guys with no history or problems, but are working and normal people" who are living "a horrible situation" and that everything that is happening around this situation causes them "amazement" and "grief".


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