Three more detainees, including a colonel, for failed attempt against Maduro

Three more detainees, including a colonel, for failed attempt against Maduro

Venezuela's communication minister, Jorge Rodriguez, today informed of the capture of three other people, including a retired colonel of the Aviation, for the attack that last August the head of state, Nicolás Maduro, suffered.

At a press conference, Rodriguez said that the captured soldier responds to the name of Rafael Ernesto Díaz Cuello and explained that he was apprehended because he was "passing confidential and strategic information from Venezuela to Colombia."

The minister presented Diaz Cuello as "a traitor" and accused him of having "perpetrated one of the most despicable, most disgusting crimes known to the dignity of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces."

The other two arrested are Wilder Anderson Vásquez Velásquez, alias Capo, and Oswaldo Gabriel Castillo Lunar, aka El Capi, who said in a video that he had been trained to attack Maduro and said the president of the Venezuelan Parliament, Julio Borges, as financier of these plans. .

Rodríguez reiterated the "participation of Colombian government officials in the frustrated assassination" and denounced "the Colombianization of the extreme right" in Venezuela, which he accused of wanting to kill Maduro.

He also said that the anti-government protests that shook the country in 2014 and 2017 and resulted in nearly 200 deaths "were not at all spontaneous" because "all the material authors of the assassination participated in the violence" of those demonstrations.

"It was a violence instituted by factors of the extreme right and protected by governments of the extreme right of the region," he said.

Until last month there were 28 arrested for the failed attempt against Maduro and his government has asked for explanations to Chile, Mexico and Colombia, after a detainee for this fact mentioned in a video of "confession" to the embassies of these countries.

Among those arrested for the attack is the opposition deputy Juan Requesens and the government has requested the extradition of the ex-leader of the Parliament Julio Borges to Colombia as well as other captures of presumed involved in the failed attack on the United States and Peru.


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