Three men of 81, 79 and 61 arrested for abusing minors in exchange for gifts | Society

Three men of 81, 79 and 61 years have been arrested by the National Police of Murcia accused of sexual abuse to several underage girls in exchange for gifts or money. The alleged abuses took place in the homes of the detainees, in a hamlet of Murcia not specified, and were committed against minors in a situation of social vulnerability who received cell phones, money or invitations to eat. The victims, between four and six, were between 12 and 17 years old, and some of them suffered abuse from several of the detainees, although these acted individually, according to body sources. The girls come from broken families with economic problems.

The detainees are accused of sexual abuse, harassment, sexual assault, corruption of minors, crime against the rights of workers and exhibitionism, as reported by police on Tuesday. The victims were captured by those arrested in the town, and each of them acted differently to gain their trust. The arrests occurred at the end of March.

The investigation began when the agents of the Children's Group of the police were informed that the home of the 81-year-old detainee was frequented by young minors who accessed the house alone, without any complaint. Researchers identified the octogenarian and, later, the minors, who admitted having gone to the house and allowed touching.

According to the investigation, she persuaded the girls to come to her house to clean her house and help her in her personal care in exchange for a small economic benefit, when her only purpose was of a sexual nature, since it was not only sexual abuse , but of attempts of sexual aggressions. After the arrest, they proceeded to register their home, where they found an address book with the names and phone numbers of several girls and underage girls.

Another of the detainees contacted the girls and offered to accompany them to their home under the promise of giving them gifts. They approached the house in search of their gift, refusing to enter, and at the refusal of these, tried to kiss and grope.

According to the sources, the same girls arranged appointments with the third of the detainees so that, in exchange for money, gifts or inviting them to eat, they took them in their car to isolated areas where they had sexual relations with them.


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