April 13, 2021

Three men arrested for alleged sexual assault on two minors in Granada | Society

Three men arrested for alleged sexual assault on two minors in Granada | Society

The local police of Granada have arrested three men of 34, 30 and 29 years of age as allegedly responsible for a crime of sexual assault on two minors. According to the police, the events took place on February 1 at night in a bar in the center of Granada. The agents went to the premises to intervene in a fight that would later be discovered to have originated in the alleged sexual assault. After resolving the fight and while the police were identifying the three responsible for the tumult, a girl approached the agents to denounce that one of those who were being identified was the author of "touching and groping on his butt" a while before. The assaulted narrated that this had happened after "having approached him from behind, without saying anything and with total impunity." According to her, she chose to leave the bar, which did not prevent two friends of the first aggressor from following her and repeating the touching.

During the police intervention, another young woman who was at the bar approached the agents to indicate that they had acted in the same way with her. As reported by local police in a statement, the three young men were immediately arrested and, "while throwing punches and kicks in the police vehicle" transferred to police station. Subsequently they have gone to court.

The quarrel that gave rise to the police presence took place when a friend of the first victim approached the later detainees to ask for explanations for the handling. The assailants began to beat him, one of the waiters had to intervene and, in short, a violent episode was organized in which, among other things, chairs were thrown into the air. Both the friend and the waiter had to be taken care of by the medical services. However, they managed to remove the group of three young people from the premises who, the police said, urinated to the door of the bar. Someone called the agents and the three have ended up in court for an alleged crime of sexual assault on two minors.

The two young girls assaulted, the police indicated, turned out to be minors so the agents called their parents to inform them of what happened and take care of their daughters.


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