Three members of the Tarabito clan are released again, which the Civil Guard stopped on Monday

Three members of the Tarabito clan are released again, which the Civil Guard stopped on Monday

On Monday, agents of the Civil Guard of Córdoba detained three members of the Clan of the Tarabito: Sebastian, his wife and Antonio. They went to court and although it was expected that at least two of them went to prison for the latest death threats to two civil guard Bujalance (marriage) and their children, they have been released again, according to this newspaper.

The judge imposes on all three the prohibition of approaching two agents and their children leaving a minimum distance of 150 meters. Nor can they go to the address or place of work (the barracks).

From the Spanish Association of Civil Guard (AECG), do not leave their astonishment. "They were arrested, showing great resistance, and once again they have only been before the judge the minimum time, as it happened last December, when they arrived, they greeted the judge and went home."

"We are not talking about an isolated event or a fictitious threat. The death threats were made by an individual who already has several complaints about threats made by this comrade as well as by others from the Barracks of Bujalance. Specifically, this agent has put eight, in addition to the last of last week in which he threatened to wait on the road when he left to provide their service. One of the detainees released, Sebastián, is "the same individual who, last December, went to the Barracks of the Civil Guard of Bujalance with a large ax, causing damage with it, while professing serious threats against the components of the said barracks ".

For the AEGC, this release will only serve so that "these criminals, one of them awaiting a trial for drug trafficking, if possible even stronger because they are checking how their threats have no consequences for them". Therefore, from the AEGC request, once again, that the full weight of the legislation falls on those who threaten, assault, insult or outrage public servants, especially the State Security Forces.

"The Civil Guard has returned to do its work arresting these three dangerous individuals, so from the AEGC we ask ourselves what has to happen so that others also do theirs. What do their threats fulfill? "They ask. They also raise the question of whether the addressee of all these facts had been a judge, if the measures had been the same. And remember that these individuals are dangerous and have the ability to do irreversible damage. In spite of all this, in AEGC they conclude that they respect the judicial resolutions, although we do not share them as is this case.


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