Three killed by torrential rains and floods in northeastern Syria

At least three people have died due to the torrential rains that hit the northeast of Syria and the floods caused by the flooding of rivers, which have affected mainly the displaced camps since they are in difficult conditions.

A representative of Al Hasaka province, Ismail Salibi, told Efe that two children and an elderly man were drowned by the floods in Tal Hamis, in the northeast of Al Hasaka province, in northeastern Syria and bordering Iraq and Turkey.

Salibi stressed that the rains caused the overflow of the Yauadiya River and flooded a valley and more than 25 villages, where around 200 houses collapsed, being the town of Tal Hamis the most affected.

The source added that dozens of bridges collapsed and roads have been blocked in the area due to rains and flooding by waters from Iraq, just across the border from Al Hasaka.

Meanwhile, in the province of Aleppo, in northwestern Syria, bad weather has affected several camps for displaced people in the areas of Al Bab and Azaz, in the east of the region, where the fields have been flooded making life difficult. the ones welcomed in them.

The locality of Al Bab has been affected by the floods, due to the overflow of the surrounding valleys.

In the north and east of Syria there are many camps that welcome displaced people from the armed conflict from other provinces or parts of the country, the scene of a war for eight years.

The bad weather this winter has exacerbated the suffering of the displaced in these regions, which have been hit on more than one occasion by storms of snow and rain, due to the scarcity of means of the humanitarian organizations to help these people.


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