Three former presidential candidates and the left demand Bolsonaro’s resignation

Three former presidential candidates, a governor and the presidents of six progressive parties and other leaders of the center-left have demanded the resignation of the Brazilian ruler, Jair Bolsonaro, whom they consider “incapable” of facing the crisis caused by COVID-19.

A manifesto made public on Monday maintains that Bolsonaro “is not in a position to continue ruling” and “facing a crisis that compromises health and the economy”, but that it is systematically denied by the ruler himself, who has minimized the pandemic and He has even considered the coronavirus a “flu”.

The document is signed by former presidential candidates Ciro Gomes, Fernando Haddad and Guilherme Boulos, as well as by presidents of the Workers’ parties (PT), Brazilian Socialist (PCB), Democratic Labor Party (PDT), Socialism and Freedom (PSOL), Communist of Brazil (PCdoB) and Brazilian Communist (PCB).

In the text, it is stated that Bolsonaro “commits crimes, frauds with information, lies and encourages chaos, taking advantage of the despair of the most vulnerable population.”

This alludes to controversial attitudes adopted by the leader of the Brazilian extreme right, who in addition to minimizing the impact of COVID-19, has criticized quarantines and other prevention measures adopted by regional and municipal governments, which have followed the recommendations of the Organization. World Health (WHO).

Bolsonaro’s position in the face of the global crisis is even confronted with that held by his own Minister of Health, Luiz Henrique Mandetta, who has publicly defended restrictive measures, such as quarantines and social isolation, as the only effective method against the virulence of COVID-19.

In this context, the document released this Monday says that Brazil needs to give “enough” to this situation.

“Bolsonaro is more than a political problem. It has become a public health problem” and “he should resign, which would be a less expensive gesture to allow a democratic exit to the country,” says the manifesto, also signed by the communist Flavio Dino. , governor of the state of Maranhao.


Even though they have caused enormous controversy and led some parliamentarians to try to promote a political judgment with a view to his possible dismissal, Bolsonaro’s attitudes do not scare all Brazilians, who remain completely polarized in relation to the first far-right government in the history of the country.

A survey released last week by the firm Datafolha indicated that 35% of the population believes that the government’s management of the crisis is “optimal or good”, compared to 33% who describe it as “bad or lousy” and 26% consider it “regular”.

However, in recent weeks there has also been the noise of some saucepans carried out almost daily by Bolsonaro’s opponents and that promise to be repeated this Tuesday on many balconies and windows in the main cities of the country.

They have been called by the same progressive parties that demand Bolsonaro’s resignation in the document released this Monday, which are a minority in a Parliament controlled by the center and the right, which, even with criticism of the ruler, have not added to the pressures for his power outlet.


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