Three elderly people die from a Covid-19 outbreak in a residence

Three elderly people have died after the covid-19 outbreak detected last week in a nursing home, in which, between users and workers, there are 47 people affected.

As ABC has advanced and sources from the Andalusian Regional Government Health Council have confirmed to Efe, the three people, from the residence located in Écija (Seville), tested positive in PCR tests after the first cases occurred. These are people who were vaccinated as of December 27, and who, according to the Board, had pathologies aggravated by the disease.

In the residence there are 42 affected residents and five workers, a fact that the Board updated last Friday. In the province of Seville there is a second residence affected by an outbreak, in Alcalá de Guadaíra, where there are 16 positives.

10 08 2021 15:30

There are 15,568 active cases in the Archipelago, of which 99 are admitted to the ICU and 475 are hospitalized.

10 08 2021 15:30

Two of the deaths associated with the disease and reported this Tuesday occurred in Gran Canaria.

10 08 2021 15:29

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09 08 2021 16:00

Of the three deceased with covid, two were in Gran Canaria, 67 and 84-year-old men, the first of them linked to an outbreak in a social health center and the second to a family outbreak.

09 08 2021 15:58

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