Three deaths from coronavirus in Honduras amount to three, totaling 110 cases

Honduras registered a new death from coronavirus on Sunday, amounting to three, while the authorities are considering reinforcing control measures to ensure compliance with the mandatory isolation for the population that has governed for two weeks.

The head of the Permanent Commission of Contingencies (Copeco), Gabriel Rubí, confirmed to journalists the new death, registered in San Pedro Sula, a city in the north of the country.

The third victim is a man who had "respiratory complications" and died Saturday in a state hospital in San Pedro Sula, the second largest city in Honduras, he said.

The other two fatalities of COVID-19 are men and both died at the Leonardo Martínez Hospital in San Pedro Sula between March 25 and 28.

On a fourth death, Rubí said that the patient was not suspected of the virus, so "his death from COVId-19 cannot be diagnosed."

As of this Sunday night, according to the latest official report, Honduras totaled 110 confirmed coronavirus infections, the first cases of which in the country were reported on March 11.

The spokesman for the National Risk Management System (Sinager), Francis Contreras, said on a national network that 88 tests were carried out the day before, of which fifteen were positive in COVID-19.

Of the total of patients diagnosed with COVID-19, 49 are hospitalized, 43 of them are "stable" and the other six are in "serious health conditions," he added.


The Secretary of Security indicated in a statement that the population will be allowed to stock up on food, medicines, fuels and can carry out other procedures on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of this week according to the last digit of their identity card.

The measure will be applied so that people can visit supermarkets, gas stations, pharmacies and banks, which will only be open on scheduled days.

On Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays "the movement of vehicles, the departure of people at a national level is prohibited, except for the exceptions already established in the executive decree, who must justify their mobilization before the competent authority, carrying their respective safe-conduct", added the Security Secretariat.

He also announced that the Toncontín airports, in Tegucigalpa, and Ramón Villeda Morales, in San Pedro Sula, will be enabled to operate in a restricted manner so that Hondurans enter the country, while land, sea and air customs will continue to operate for imports and exports. .


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