January 28, 2021

Three days without electricity, heating or hot water in a town in Toledo

Villamuelas has spent the night at -9 degrees and without supplies.

Villamuelas has spent the night at -9 degrees and without supplies.

An “extreme and desperate situation” has been described by the deputy mayor of Villamuelas, Nelson Pérez, what is being experienced in this Toledo town, whose Neighbors have been without electricity, hot water or heating for three days, which has led to entire families using their own cars to warm themselves.

This has been underlined in statements to Efe by the deputy mayor of this town of 600 inhabitants, which currently doubles its population, given that many people who have gone to spend the Christmas holidays have not been able to return to their municipalities of residence, due to the heavy snowfall caused by the stormy Philomena, since the two access roads to the town are impassable.

We are desperate, without electricity, hot water or heating since Friday and totally isolated“, remarked Pérez, who claims to have been in contact with the Community Board, the Provincial Council, 112 and the electricity supply company, without so far” no one for solutions.

In this sense, he has indicated that the regional government tells them that they are aware of the situation in Villamuelas but that “be patient because there are many municipalities to attend“, and from the Provincial Delegation they assure them that a snowplow is going to clean the town,” but the days go by and the machine does not arrive, “the municipal representative lamented.

On the other hand, from Naturgy they take note of the incident but “we are still the same, nobody fixes anything and we have been in this extreme situation for three nights and desperate that has led entire families to warm up in their own car, “lamented Pérez, who claims to have received calls from families with small children who do not stop crying because of the cold and older people shivering for the same cause.

At this point he has stressed that tonight 9 degrees below zero have been registered in the town and the forecast for the next one is 13 degrees below zero, so they don’t know what will happen, “but of course nothing good,” said Pérez.

In addition, to all this is added that the only pharmacy in town is closed because the person who attends it is from another town and it cannot reach Villamuelas and the stores are losing their gender, due to the lack of refrigeration, and others cannot even open due to the electrical opening.

“This without counting that We cannot communicate on the landline, as the telephone cables have fallen, and there are also many failures in the coverage of mobile phones“, has meant the deputy mayor, who trusts that” they will soon remember this town, where we no longer know what to do, “said the deputy mayor.

Finally, he thanked the help received from the Civil Protection volunteers of the neighboring town of Villasequilla and also the work carried out by a neighbor of Villamuelas who, with a machine that he has, is removing snow from the town “but he cannot cope”. has asserted.

At the moment, in the province of Toledo there are 1,826 subscribers without electricity supply and Villamuelas is among the most affected municipalities, along with those of Mora, Villanueva de Bogas and Lillo.


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