August 7, 2020

Three Civil Guard tips to avoid the scam of fake bills – La Provincia

The circulation offake currency and the scams resulting from their fraudulent use by criminals, who place them even in the most unsuspected transactions, has caused in recent weeks that the National Police and the Civil Guard again alert citizens to their presence. And, although the bills include more and more security measures, ending counterfeits is virtually impossible, according to experts.

One of the last tips not to be scammed has been published by the Civil Guard in its social networks and reveals three golden 'rules' that help even the most neophyte to detect fraud in the paper money that is being passed through euro bills of legal tender.

"Touch, look and turn" are the three simple steps that can help in the task of confirming the legality of the ticket in any of the transactions that are carried out on a daily basis.

Taking into account that the 20 and 50 euros bills are the most counterfeit, it is convenient when you have any of them or any other in your hand to carry out the following checks. Here the three keys advised by the Civil Guard:

1. Touch
The bills are tough and rough to the touch. You should easily feel the areas of the main image, letters and larger figures in relief. In addition, on the front of the new banknotes, bands of short lines have also been added in relief.

2. Look
With the ticket backlit, you should be able to distinguish the watermark in the blank space on the left side (a window and the value of the bill) and the security thread (also with its value and the word euro or its symbol). Also watch the corner match number, which has to look complete. You must be able to see all these elements on both sides. In the new tickets, you can see a Greek mythology character who gave our continent a name, "Europe".

3. Turn
Tickets worth less than 20 euros contain a holographic element. It is a band, on its shorter side, that changes color; and, on the reverse, an iridescent band with the number of its value, which shines.
The highest value tickets (from 50 to 500 euros) also contain a hologram with the number of their value in the form of a stamp and, on the other side, they have ink that changes color, depending on the light.
The Civil Guard recommends as good practice to check, following these guidelines, all tickets, regardless of their value.

In addition to these basic rules, if you want you can check the legality of paper money taking into account the micro text (some bills have very small characters, but they are clear and you can distinguish, without problems, with a magnifying glass. If you see these characters blurred , Most likely the ticket is illegal); the symbols (on the front of the ticket, you must distinguish the stars of the European Union flag, which glow in yellow), and which does not shine (if you apply the bill to a standard ultraviolet light, it should not shine. it probably will be a fake).

The Civil Guard recalls that in 2016, no less than 684,000 counterfeit bills were withdrawn, which shows that if the counterfeits were so obvious, the most certain thing is that there would be no scams.

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