January 23, 2021

Three children are born at full bells and share the title of first baby of 2021

A baby named Enrique and given birth in San Pedro de Alcántara de Cáceres, the first Extremaduran birth in 2021

A baby named Enrique and given birth in San Pedro de Alcántara de Cáceres, the first Extremaduran birth in 2021

Catalonia, Andalusia and Castilla-La Mancha have shared the honorary ‘award’ of hosting the first birth of a baby in Spain in 2021, since the three autonomous communities have seen a new inhabitant being born at full bells, specifically at 00:00 of this January 1.

Yinara was the first Catalan to be born this year, at 00:00 in Constantí (Tarragona), weighing 3,150 kilograms, while at the same time Chiara Luna arrived in the world at the Maternal and Child Hospital in Malaga.

Both the newborn, who has weighed 3,430 grams and measured 52 centimeters, and the mother are in good condition. The little girl is the second daughter of the couple, made up of a Czech woman and an Italian father living in Malaga, and her delivery was by natural childbirth.

Also at 00:00 this Friday, Adam was born, the first baby in Castilla-La Mancha. The delivery took place in the Hospital de Hellín and the child weighed 3,095 kilograms and measured 48.5 centimeters.

Only five minutes after midnight, the first two Galician children of the year have come to the world, Antón (Ourense), with 3.04 kilograms, and Guillermo (Vilagarcía, Pontevedra), who has weighed 3.28 kilograms.

For her part, Iris was the first from Madrid, since she was born at 00.16 am at the Hospital del Henares, thanks to a natural delivery without complications, and both she and her mother are well and recovering from the delivery.

At 00.26 hours the birth of the first Aragonese of 2021, Nicolás, took place at the Hospital de Alcañiz (Teruel) and we had to wait until 12.28 hours on January 1 for the first Navarrese baby, named Izan David, in the Maternal and Child Area of ​​the Navarra Hospital Complex. Izan David is the fourth child of Antonia Aguilera and Manuel Jesús Velásquez, residents of Sangüesa.

The first birth of the year 2021 in Extremadura took place at the San Pedro de Alcántara Hospital in Cáceres at 00.40 this past night, it was a boy and his name is Enrique, while in Murcia the first baby has arrived at 00.53 at the Virgen de la Arrixaca University Hospital.

Also before the first hour of the year, in Cantabria they have welcomed their first baby at 12.55 am this Friday. Diego was born at the Marqués de Valdecilla University Hospital, in Santander, and the delivery was natural.

Asturias welcomed Daniela’s birth at 1.02 am, at the Central University Hospital of Asturias, and Alain López Llona was the first child born in Vizcaya in 2021, at 3.23 am at the Basurto Hospital.

In La Rioja they have had to wait longer for their new inhabitant to be born, since Sergio, Diego and Ana’s second son, did not come to the world until 5.23 hours with 3,220 kilograms at the Hospital Foundation of Calahorra.

Xavi, on his side, has been the first Balearic baby of 2021. The delivery took place at 6.31 am at the Mateu Orfila Hospital in Menorca and the child weighed 3,269 kilograms and his parents live in Alaior.


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