January 21, 2021

Three beaches of Valencia are reopened and that of La Pobla de Farnals is still closed

The Valencian beaches of El Puig and Massamagrell, closed on Tuesday due to the presence of fecal bacteria, were reopened on Thursday to the bathroom after confirming that the water quality is good, but that of La Pobla de Farnals is still closed, waiting for the results of some tests.

Sources from the Department of Climate Emergency and Ecological Transition have informed EFE that in the case of the two beaches of El Puig and Massamagrell the normal levels of E.coli and Enterococcus bacteria have already been restored.

In the case of La Pobla de Farnals, we must wait until tomorrow to know the result of the Enterococcus test, also a fecal bacterium.

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