April 15, 2021

Three arrested in Granada for sexual assault on two minors in a pub

Three arrested in Granada for sexual assault on two minors in a pub

The Local Police of Granada has arrested three men responsible for two crimes of sexual assault for touching without their consent to two 17-year-old girls inside a pub. The arrested people also started aWhen they were reproached for this attitude and assaulted an agent.

In a statement, this police force explains that the events took place at 22.25 hours last Friday in the leisure area between Pedro Antonio de Alarcón and the Plaza Menorca in the capital, to which they moved alerted by a fight.

The agents have arrested three men of 34, 30 and 29 years as alleged perpetrators of two crimes of sexual assault, both committed against two girls of 17 years.

The first one indicated to the police officers that one of the arrested persons practiced touching him inside the premises, reason why the minor decided to change his location.

The man followed her, accompanied by the other two detainees, and maintained the same attitude and touching, reason why the denouncer was displaced again to look for refuge in his friends.

One of them reproached the arrested people for their behavior, both with their friend and with other women in the pub, at which point they started an exchange of blows and a fight in which chairs flew by the local and to which one of the waiters joined, who tried to get the detainees out of the pub.

The friend of one of the victims and the waiter were punched and kicked and required medical assistance for the fight that was the trigger for police intervention.

When arriving at the premises, and according to the agents, the detainees showed no collaboration and a "cocky and defiant" attitude in which they even pushed one of the policemen.

During the arrest, another minor approached the agents to identify the three detainees and denounce that she had also been the victim of the same behavior.

In the transfer of the detainees to the police station, the three opposed resistance, punched and kicked inside the police car and insulted and threatened the agents.

The detainees have already gone to court and the children, one of them with a strong attack of anxiety, left with relatives whom the police notified.


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