threaten strikes in the first half of January

threaten strikes in the first half of January


The Independent Union of Airline Passenger Cabin Crew (Sitcpla) and the Workers' Trade Union (USO) have given an ultimatum to the Irish airline Ryanair on Thursday, in which, if an agreement is not reached, they would call strikes for the first half of January.

Through a statement, the unions have called on Ryanair to respond to the latest proposal on the phasing out of Crewlink and Workforce agencies, "Used by the company to keep the majority of cabin crew (TCP) contracted with fraud in law with which it operates in Spain."

From USO and Sitcpla explain that this issue is "the main stumbling block" that the airline "refuses to save after having held a series of discreet meetings of the lawyers of both parties in recent days."

The unions claim that the Irish airline has once again "circumvented" the legal representation of workers and Spanish labor institutions and they give by exhausted the term that they gave to Ryanair to "rectify their absurd and childish behavior" and to abide by current regulations in Spain.

In this sense, they assure that the negotiations – with the mediation of the General Directorate of Labor – "seemed to have borne fruit" after the publication of an agreed document that the airline "has refused to ratify".

The unions have offered to Ryanair a model of progressive transfers of TCP, by order of seniority, as well as the creation of an ETT that conforms to the Spanish legality to carry out, where appropriate, temporary hiring and in accordance with the same working conditions as in the main company.

If an agreement is not reached in the coming days, USO and Sitcpla will then communicate the dates and how many strike days will be convened for the collective of TCP, which will ensure that «Never» will be less than three.


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