May 16, 2021

Thousands protest on the "right side of history" in the US Women's March.

Thousands protest on the "right side of history" in the US Women's March.

Tens of thousands of people demonstrated today in Washington and in almost 300 US cities. in the so-called Women's March to protest against the policies of US President Donald Trump, and "to be on the right side of history," as one participant affirmed.

"The situation is getting worse in the country and we have a president who despises people and mocks them, we have come to this march because we want to be on the right side of history," one of the participants in the protest told Efe. , Whitney James, 34 years old.

James traveled with his mother, Karen, 60, from Michigan to take part in the protest in the capital, where they met demonstrators, mostly women, of all ages and races, plus some other man.

The march took place in a festive, at the same time vindictive atmosphere, in the heart of Washington, where it spread through Freedom Square (freedom), where the organization set up a stage, and along Pennsylvania Avenue, which connects the White House with the Capitol, and other surrounding streets.

This was the first time that Whitney and Karen James attended the demonstration, which is in its third edition since 2017.

"I participate for my nieces and for the rights of women," Whitney said, while her mother immediately added: "Every time everything is more crazy, we need a change, a new leader, a new Government, a complete remodeling of the Executive "he reflected.

Many of the participants wore pink wool caps, which also helped them to protect themselves from the cold that reigned in the streets of the capital.

The demonstrators carried posters with messages of the most varied, such as "Take care of your own uterus", "We demand equality for all" and "Without Hermione, Harry (Potter) would have died in book 1", among others.

In the middle of Freedom Square, student Serena Dimas, 21, took photos with other protesters with the sign "Chingona como mi madre".

"I have come to give a voice to my family, that is, to Latinos and all marginalized women who have remained silent for decades and centuries," he explained to Efe, "I am here to help achieve change and equality."

Dimas, who lives in Los Angeles, visited Washington with her friend María, as did her Mexican-American, who repeated for the second year.

"The other time I went to the (march) of Los Angeles, I feel there are more people here and there are more angry women and many accompanied by little girls, and I also see many men, although I would like to see more," he said.

In fact, not far from there, he walked with a protest sign against Trump and with his girlfriend, Nick, a 21-year-old African American from North Carolina, who told Efe that "men are increasingly aware that you have to treat women equally and not treat them like an object. "

At his side nodded his partner, Candy, 22, who stressed that he is interested in many issues on the agenda of the March of Women as the claims in terms of reproductive rights.

Washington is not the only place in the United States. that today welcomes this manifestation, since they are also being developed in other places like New York or Los Angeles.

In the case of New York, the protest split into two rival demonstrations after a clash between the movement's leaders over the accusations of anti-Semitism against some leaders of the national movement, which has led to the distancing of Jewish organizations and other groups.

Anyway, today is a counterpoint to yesterday's protest in Washington, where anti-abortion organizations gathered to emphasize that "all life makes sense," supported by Trump and Vice President, Mike Pence.

The first Women's March was held a day after the January 20, 2017 Trump was invested president.

This year the protest is marked by the prominence of the #MeToo movement and the legislative ones of last November in which they had the leading role, obtaining 131 seats in Congress.


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