Thousands of young people take over Glasgow to demand climate and racial justice

Activist Greta Thunberg, during the demonstration.

Activist Greta Thunberg, during the demonstration.

Thousands of young people from various environmental movements have taken to the streets of Glasgow in a march organized by the environmental organization FFF (Fridays For Future) to demand "Justice climatic and racial " to world leaders gathered at the COP26.

Under a cloudy sky, the young protesters shouted with joy when the brief rays of sun that filtered through the clouds that covered the sky of Glasgow this Friday illuminated the colorful forest of cardboard banners that led the march, a place reserved for the indigenous people.

Shouting "What do we want? Climate justice!", Or “Climate change is a war of the rich against the poor”', Thousands of young climate activists expressed their outrage at the passivity of the political class, which they accuse of“ wasting time and deceiving people in meetings such as COP26, ”explained to Efe Margarita, an Austrian activist from Fridays For Future.

"Climate justice means the end of colonialism, patriarchy, racism and extractivism"Andrea Ixchiu, a native of Guatemala and a member of the Futuros Indígenas network, told Efe.

Ixchiu explained that "we indigenous people are first facing the consequences of the climate crisis and the installation of extractive and colonialist megaprojects that are destroying the land of the original peoples of Latin America."

"What they call sustainable energy (in reference to hydroelectric power) is the destruction of our lives and our communities”, He assured.

The long column of young climate activists, which began its journey in Kelvingrove Park, is heading to the central George Square and is scheduled to end there with the intervention of prominent youth activists such as Greta thunberg and Vanessa Nakate.


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