Thousands of women surround Madrid in a feminist chain a month after 8M

Madrid wears purple. A chain of thousands of women has surrounded the center of the capital this noon to kick off this month of claims that will culminate in the demonstration on March 8, International Women's Day. "Revolt, feminist revolt", women chant entwining their hands. Girls and pensioners, migrants and all communities in Spain, a violet wall has taken to the streets to claim that public space is also feminine.

Sun is domestic territory. "Politicize pots, streets and aprons," megaphones roar. Amalia Caballero, an Ecuadorian domestic worker woman points out the importance of caring and making visible a job "as important as any other". Many times, the lack of information and networks turns off the voices of women, mostly migrants, who play these roles.

One of the assistants to the feminist human chain shows her scarf

One of the assistants to the feminist human chain shows her scarf


Climbing Callao is precisely the block of racialized women. Sigrit Pulgar is Chilean and carries the Mapuche flag. The worldview of his people, he explains, does not contemplate the concept of feminism because he conceives of gender differently. However, he explains, it is important to vindicate this space and insist on the discrimination and violations suffered by women from indigenous peoples.

The cry of "Latin America will be all feminist ..." is extinguished down the street and in Arenal Raquel, 11, says it is the first time participating in the events of 8M. With purple glitter lips, he points out that having a transsexual brother has made him aware from an early age: "I am a feminist because I believe in gender equality." She belongs to the part of the chain that claims the dissidence of bodies.

The seven-kilometer route has crossed the main squares and streets of Madrid: Callao and Gran Vía in the north, Paseo del Prado in the east, roundabout of Embajadores and Ronda de Toledo in the south and Bailén street in the west. It has also had 12 thematic blocks based on feminist claims: the right to housing, feminist education, self-defense, anti-racism, domestic workers, precariousness, ecofeminism, decent pensions, body, sexual and gender dissidence and neighborhoods and villages , which has been present in up to three zones.

The feminist human chain this February 8 on the Gran Vía

The feminist human chain this February 8 on the Gran Vía

Bald elm

On November 25, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, It was the first time since 2005 that the Madrid City Council did not position itself against sexist violence by having the vote against Vox. Year 2019 closed with 55 women killed by their partners or ex-partners, the highest number recorded since 2015 and culminating a progressive increase during the last three years. Of these cases, seven were in the Community of Madrid. So far this year 2020 there are already eight women who have been killed by sexist violence.


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