July 30, 2021

Thousands of women drink Santiago to cry out against sexist violence

Hundreds of thousands of women marched this Sunday in Santiago de Chile to protest against the sexist violence they suffer and spurred by the international success of the Chilean feminist collective of Las Tesis and his performance “A rapist in your path”.

The call was massive in the center of the city with thousands of women reaching the Plaza Italia for hours and joining a demonstration that copied the main avenue that crosses Santiago.

Young women especially, but also adults and old women, accompanied by their daughters or friends, raised their voices to cry out against sexist violence, ask for equal rights and demand justice for those guilty of crimes against them.

Neither age nor social status made any distinction in the vast multitude of purple shirts and green scarves of March 8 and the legalization of abortion, respectively.

“We have to be strong because we have to show ourselves, once and for all, to remove the barriers of inequality in every way. And for the daughters, to teach them from small to fight for their rights, for their well-being, for being calm , to be able to go anywhere, “Yasna Jara, a 43-year-old teacher, told Efe.

Next to her, her 12-year-old daughter Martina Caneo, along with her friends, sang and cried out against the patriarchate along with the rest of thousands of women gathered.

“Women must protest and give their opinion because there is a lot of injustice for women. They do not value them at work or violate them without having done anything. They need their rights and set their rules,” he said.

The march was carried out in a peaceful manner guarded by at least 1,100 women police (militarized police) but in a very vindictive environment.

So far this year five femicides have been registered in Chile, while 2019 closed with a total of 46 crimes, according to official figures.

According to the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), the UN arm for development in the region, at least 3,529 women were murdered in 2018 alone for reasons of gender in the continent.


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