Sat. Feb 29th, 2020

Thousands of women dance against macho violence on Berlin’s Valentine

The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin was this Friday the scene of a collective dance with some 3,000 people, mostly women, who denounced gender violence, as part of the actions promoted by the “One Billion Rising” movement worldwide throughout the day Valentine’s Day

One of the organizers of the event, Bettina Lutze, explained to Efe that the reason for choosing this day is also symbolic: “Normally it is a private day, you spend it with your boyfriend, your ex-boyfriend, whatever (…) It is a love day. Besides giving gifts, flowers and all those things, we have to talk about what has been done in the name of love. “

The campaign (“One billion up”), created by American activists, refers to the statistics of the United Nations Organization (UN) that states that one in three women and girls in the world will suffer physical or sexual violence in some moment of his life, that is, more than one billion people.

“We need a billion women to get up and fight for that billion that will suffer violence,” Lutze said.

It is the eighth year that this “flashmob” takes place in one of the emblematic points of the German capital, where since February 14 since 2013 a choreography has been danced that participants have been able to learn previously through online tutorials.

This type of “dance demonstrations,” Lutze recalled, should be complementary to “normal demonstrations, political actions and conversations between people,” all of which are necessary to achieve their goal of zero violence against women and girls.

For the 2020 call, the increase in extreme right-wing nationalism, xenophobia and transphobia among other global problems that especially affect women and girls who also belong to groups at risk of exclusion has been targeted.


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