Mon. Dec 16th, 2019

Thousands of Walmart Chile workers strike after agreement with company

Some 17,000 workers of the Walmart Chile chain returned to their jobs on Tuesday after the union and the company reached an agreement and deposed a six-day strike.

Among the main achievements, the president of the union, Juan Moreno, told reporters that a real wage adjustment of up to 5.1% was achieved and that all workers affected by multifunctionality (must perform various functions) will have an additional readjustment of 3.5%.

However, Moreno said he was not entirely satisfied as the company readjusted the bonus by the end of the conflict by only 35%. "But we accepted the proposal since the mobilization could not be sustained any longer," according to the mandate of the bases during an assembly last Sunday, he added.

From the company indicated that they also agreed to training for reconversion and greater employability, noting that "since this Tuesday the supermarkets of the Lider, Express de Lider and SuperBodega formats have affected the country, will resume normal operation."

Walmart also noted that "during the last few years the company has completed more than 40 negotiations on good terms, based on mutual collaboration around corporate objectives, the promotion of a good working environment and the development of people in the company" .

The strike had led to the closure of some 130 supermarkets of the different formats that the US multinational operates in Chile, while more than a hundred operated "half machine".

Walmart operates in Chile the supermarkets Híper Líder, Líder Express, Central Mayorista, Superbodega Acuenta and Ekono, with a total of 371 establishments.

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