Thousands of Venezuelans regularize their stay in Peru on the last day in force

Thousands of Venezuelans regularize their stay in Peru on the last day in force

Thousands of Venezuelans begin today, the last day of the deadline, the procedure to access a Temporary Permit of Permanence (PTP) in Peru, a document that allows them to work and pay with all the labor rights in the country.

According to a source from the National Superintendence of Migrations, there are thousands of Venezuelan citizens who are currently accessing the Migrations page to obtain an appointment that will allow them to begin the process to regularize their situation in the country.

The same source noted that the preliminary number of appointments provided by the Office of Migration has been 440,000, out of a total of 558,000 Venezuelan citizens who have entered the country until October 31 last.

"We estimate that until the end of the day we will have treated about 85% of all Venezuelans who meet the date of entry (about 473,000)," said the source.

To date, 170,000 Venezuelans already have the PTP, and some 234,000 are already in the process of obtaining it.

With the PTP, Venezuelan citizens can accredit their regular migratory status in Peru for a period of one year, and allow them to work formally, access health and education, open a bank account, generate a tax identification number, among others.

Therefore, the concern of the Venezuelan population in Peru now belongs to those who could not enter the country within the deadlines established by the Government.

This was said to Efe Rebeca Abregu, a Venezuelan who arrived from Caracas to Lima, and who asserted that the concern of her compatriots "is one of those who have entered after the date and no longer have an option for this procedure."

Abregu said that what has been speculating among the migrant population is that "they must leave the country."

However, the Migration Office said today in a press release that Venezuelan citizens who have entered after October 31, will benefit from the tourist migratory status, which allows them a stay of 183 days in the country.

"They, like any other foreigner, can process another migratory quality, fulfilling the requirements established by the norm," said Francisco Ríos, general director of Migration Planning and Budget, through an official video disseminated by the institution.

Rios also noted that in recent days there has been a decrease in the entry into Peruvian territory of Venezuelan citizens by the border city of Tumbes, which until Christmas bordered a total of 2,000 people per day.

"The figure as of December 30 is only 670. We are seeing that the number is going down, and the situation in the Binational Border Care Center (Cebaf) in Tumbes is controlled," he said.

Peru is the second country in the world that has received the largest number of Venezuelan citizens in the last two years, only behind Colombia, which is around one million.

Around 3 million Venezuelans have fled their country as a result of the political and economic crisis, according to the latest figures from the UN, which warned of the lack of food and medicine suffered by the population.


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