Fri. Apr 26th, 2019

Thousands of Uruguayans tour the world's largest floating library

Thousands of Uruguayans tour the world's largest floating library

The boat Logo Hope, which has the largest floating library in the world, is located in the Port of Montevideo where thousands of Uruguayans and foreigners travel.

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The ship, which since 2004 received more than seven million visitors and traveled 95,000 nautical miles, has a crew of 400 volunteers from more than 60 nationalities.

The particularity of all the crew of the ship is that they all belong to Christianity and this is also reflected in the site and the books, since a large part of them have to do with religion.

One of its crew, Gino Borst, told Efe that the ship travels the world "sharing knowledge, help and hope" and explained that all those on the crew, including the captain, are volunteers.

"We are a floating bookstore and so we share knowledge with people who do not have and we offer very cheap books, we also go and help people who do not have much, we build houses, we make lens projects, we purify water and we can give hope, "said Borst.

The crew member also said that, in addition to the sale of books, there are events and shows on the ship so that the public can learn about and experience the different cultures of the people on board.

Due to the great influence of Christianity in this ship, the vast majority of the texts belong to this creed.

In the library you can find books about advice to follow God, how to be a mother, life as a couple, marriage, interpretations and stories of God and, obviously, many versions of the Bible.

After finishing the tour of the book part, the audience goes to a hallway where there are different drawings that refer to life as a couple, to things that do not have to be done -like going to a casino- while a person explains things about the boat and religion.

The floating library has more than 5,000 different titles among which are children's texts, cooking, Christians, among others.

On average, Borst stressed that 800 people enter the ship per hour to travel. The entrance fee is 40 Uruguayan pesos (1.16 dollars).

The ship arrived in Uruguay on April 4 and will be in the southern country until the 21st of the same month. Then, the ship will depart to Argentina.


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