November 26, 2020

Thousands of students affected by eight days of strike in the Basque concerted

Thousands of students affected by eight days of strike in the Basque concerted

Thousands of students suffer from this Wednesday the consequences of the eight consecutive strike days convened in most of the educational centers of the Basque concerted network, whose follow-up on the first day the conveners have estimated at 65%, more than double that of 28 % obtained by the employers in their account.

In the morning, the unions ELA, Steilas, CC. OO., LAB and UGT have gathered in Bilbao more than 4,000 people, according to their data, in a demonstration in which they have invited the employers to negotiate the agreement of the sector, which has not been renewed for ten years, and have called on the Government Basque to be involved in the solution of the conflict.

The eight days of strike announced in the sector are added to the six already seconded this year and the three summoned last year among the more than 8,000 employees of 215 centers, in which they study, according to data from the Basque Government, 107,000 students.

The strike is called in the so-called social initiative educational centers (among which there are religious centers, lay people, cooperatives), which represent 70% of the Basque concerted education, not including the ikastolas.

The unions have welcomed the fact that the first day of strike of the new call has had a follow-up similar to that of previous days, 65%, despite the "attempt" that reproach the Basque Government of "invisibilizar" the protest to increase in form notable the minimum services in the centers.

Once again their data contrast with those offered by Kristau Eskola, majority employer in the sector, which in its count "center to center" has concluded that out of a total of 8,196 workers, 2,314 seconded the strike, 28%.

For their part, families face the new call with anger and concern about the consequences that the strike may have on students.

After the announcement yesterday of the Basque Government that it will propose an update to the educational concerts with which the charter schools are financed, the unions have claimed to be unaware of the impact that the measure can have on the improvement of the working conditions of the group.

"We are waiting for the concrete to be translated," said ELA representative Miren Zubizarreta in Bilbao.

The unions have once again defended that their demands are "fair". Among them, is to advance in the recovery of lost purchasing power, which is 12% since 2009, and achieve an agreement to relocate the staff affected by the foreseeable closing of classrooms motivated by the decline in the birth rate.


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