Thousands of people will spend Christmas isolated from their family – The Province

Thousands of people will spend Christmas isolated from their family - The Province

Thousands of people in Spain will live next dates from loneliness and the anxiety of feeling isolated socially and regardless of family celebrations. In addition, 5% of the population is currently going through a process of mourning the recent death of a loved one, which is exacerbated at this time of year, and experts call it 'syndrome of the empty chair '.

This is what the NGO indicates Phone of Hope, that will have this Christmas a group of volunteers prepared to "attend, share and accompany those who need it", 24 hours a day, seven days a week in 717003717. This resource, with 47 years of listening experience active and intervention in crisis, sounds more frequently in these dates with calls "loaded with pain".

As indicated to Europa Press from this organization, which picks up their phone about 100,000 times a year, the profile of callers is that of older women living alone and that they do not have who to dine with or eat on the most marked days of Christmas. Physical and mental illnesses and mobility limitations aggravate your situation.

Also, from this NGO they warn that many of these people also suffer from the 'empty chair syndrome' in their own home, which increases their situation of vulnerability, as they not only feel alone but also they suffer the mourning of the person with whom up to now they lived.

The big cities are the most usual scenario for these cases of real solitude and an example of this is the finding of corpses of people in homes after several days or months of death.

This organization argues that loneliness is "one of the most relevant problems" of today's society and stresses that more than half of the population admits having experienced at some point a certain sense of loneliness during the last year and close to one in ten. , something more than four million Spaniards, he has felt alone very often.

The Telephone of Hope alerts that the figures are soaring in the context of the Christmas holidays, "when the sensitivity becomes more acute and the feelings overflow".


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