Thousands of people march in several cities of Spain in memory of Laura Luelmo | Society

Thousands of people march in several cities of Spain in memory of Laura Luelmo | Society

Hundreds of people cross this Sunday the distance between the institute of Nerva (Huelva) where Laura Luelmo worked and the place of El Campillo where her body was found.

Thousands of people have supported on Sunday the meetings and marches called by groups of runners that have been held in several cities in Spain in memory of Laura Luelmo, 26-year-old Zamora teacher killed in El Campillo (Huelva) by Bernardo Montoya -He confessed the crime to the police- last week. The rallies, which have been held to demand freedom and security for women and to protest against sexist violence, have taken place in Huelva, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Vitoria, San Sebastian, Zamora, Ceuta and Logroño.

One of the most crowded has been organized by the Runners Nerva club, which has covered on foot the distance between the Vázquez Díaz de Nerva Institute (Huelva) where Luelmo taught, and the place where his body was found in El Campillo , on an embankment known as Las Mimbreras. With numbers with the number 0, between slogans such as "Ni una mas, ni una menos" and "Camina por Laura" and the feminist logo that the young Zamora woman posted on her Facebook profile On March 8, International Women's Day, the march has traveled in an hour the distance between applause from dozens of neighbors who have joined the initiative. More than 2,000 people have joined in honor of the young teacher, whose crime has shocked This small Huelva municipality of just 2,000 inhabitants.

Simultaneously, another group of people has left from another town in Huelva Zalamea la Real and both have joined in El Campillo. There, the applause has given way to the cry of "justice for Laura" and from that point all the participants have moved to Las Mimbreras, four kilometers away, at which time the magnitude of the march has been noticed, because there were people that had arrived when others had not yet left.

The park of El Retiro has been the place chosen in Madrid for the meeting, which has been attended by a thousand people, who has left the monument of the pond to make a tour of five kilometers. The solidarity runners, many of them wearing Christmas caps and wearing t-shirts with slogans like "Ni una menos" or "NO es NO", have celebrated a minute of silence and a small act of homage to the Zamora teacher. "We are going to run or walk and to put force by Laura, it does not matter the rhythms or the speeds, but to be all together", has encouraged the presenter Raúl Gómez, one of the spokespersons of the initiative.

Hundreds of runners, mostly women, have remembered Luelmo in San Sebastian and Vitoria and have claimed the right of women to run free and without fear of possible sexist aggressions. "We want this Sunday to be special", said the promoters of this initiative in Vitoria, because "this Sunday we run with our hearts and for a cause: not one less".

For the Ebro Park, in Logroño, some 400 people have run 10 kilometers. To the call of Locas that run have joined people of all ages, men and women, fans of cycling and walking, including the mayor of this city of La Rioja, Concepción Gamarra.

In Barcelona, ​​some 200 people have run this morning against fear and male violence, an initiative of Runners against Fear under the slogan "We are all Laura" in which a manifesto has been read in which the need for live in freedom and without fear.

Another meeting to run has been held in Zamora, which has reminded, in addition to Luelmo, Leticia Rosino -Decided on May 3 in the municipality of Castrogonzalo zamorano-, both murdered when they played sports or prepared to do so.

In Ceuta, the initiative promoted by the Feminist Platform of Ceuta has united a hundred people, mostly women, who have walked from the City Hall to the San Amaro Park.

Luelmo arrived in El Campillo on December 10 after a classmate from the institute offered her house to stay during her stay as a teacher in the region. Only two days later he disappeared. After five days his body was found; the next day his neighbor Bernardo Montoya was arrested, a man with a history of murder who confessed to be the author of his death and that from the early hours of this Saturday is in the prison of Huelva, investigated for the crimes of murder, illegal detention and sexual assault.

Montoya, who has spent 20 of his 50 years in prison, He never wanted to take advantage of any rehabilitation program after murdering an old woman. These types of treatments are voluntary and experts maintain that a forced inclusion is not effective. Montoya's good behavior in prison contrasted with relapses in crime each time he left the cell: escapes, robberies, threats to people he was trying to steal and, finally, the murder of Luelmo.


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