May 17, 2021

Thousands of people in Israel denounce the lack of protection against sexist violence

Thousands of people in Israel denounce the lack of protection against sexist violence

Thousands of people who mentioned the names of the 24 victims of this year for sexist violence in Israel today denounced the lack of institutional protection in a protest in Tel Aviv.

"The government, the police and the courts are indifferent to violence against women," thousands of women and men of all ages clamored in banners and chants, many of them wearing red shoes.

From early in the morning the main streets and access to the coastal city of Tel Aviv were closed for various acts of protest that culminated in a massive concentration in the emblematic square of Isaac Rabin.

The participants called for an end to violence with slogans such as "I am a woman, I am on strike" or "The blood of women is not in vain".

More than 300 authorities, local and regional public institutions, schools and companies today expressed their support for the protest and allowed not to be deducted from the salary the strike day for staff to participate.

The revulsive of this protest was the murder last week of two teenagers in the country: Yara Ayub, 16, and Silvana Tsegai, 12, in a year in which the highest number has been recorded since 2011 and in a country with only eight million inhabitants.

"I have been accompanying Eritrean women, what woman does not know about cases of domestic violence?" Daniele B., a volunteer at the Center for Eritrean Women, told Efe about one of the vulnerable groups in the country.

"This demonstration has to do with conscience, this kind of violence is denied and what is amazing is that the Government has not given the promised funding to this scourge," criticized the Israeli Amit Glutz.

The movements of defense of women's rights accuse the Executive of passivity and yesterday, deputies members of the coalition left their seats in protest in the plenary of the Knesset (Parliament) in which it was, again, about the violence against women.

"Violence against women hurts us all and is, therefore, everyone's struggle, this has to be a struggle that involves all genders, camps and tribes The implementation of the national program to face domestic violence it can not be delayed, "the Israeli president said Monday at a meeting with representatives of the main women's organizations.


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