Thousands of people demonstrate in Santiago and Teruel for Health | Society

Thousands of people demonstrate in Santiago and Teruel for Health | Society

Thousands of citizens have marched this Sunday through the streets of Santiago de Compostela and Teruel to defend the quality of public health. In the first case, to protest the cuts. In the second, due to the lack of specialists in the local hospital.

In Santiago, the protest called by SOS Sanidade Pública has toured the streets of the Galician capital against health "cuts", "precarization" and the impetus to "privatization" by the Government of the PP in the Xunta de Galicia, In a moment in which, the organizers assured, "there was never such a mobilization of health professionals".

After the banner with the slogan "Public health in danger" the protesters have sung songs such as "Feijóo, attend, health is not sold", "no to privatization" or "with the mess that is here, Feijóo is in Madrid" . The protest counted on the support of almost a fortnight of collectives and Galician platforms, in addition to professionals of the sector and unions.

The demonstration is framed in a context of conflict in the Galician health marked by the strike of emergency workers of the University Hospital Complex of Santiago, the resignation of the chiefs of Primary Care of the area of ​​Vigo or the protests of the ambulance sector, as have been revealed from the Platform SOS Public Sanidade.

Massive protest in Teruel

In Teruel, thousands of citizens (that the newspaper The Herald figure in 10,000) have taken to the streets of the city, of 35,000 inhabitants, to demand "an equal treatment in the Health" and more medical specialists. Attendees have displayed posters that read "being few does not subtract rights", "with health is not played" and "no excuses or stoppages, hospital in conditions", in protest for what they consider lacking in health care and lack of specialists.

The protest was convened by the platform Teruel Existe, the Federation of Neighborhood Associations San Fernando and the platform "The health of Teruel matters", under the slogan 'Health: we demand equal treatment for Teruel'. The organizers, who ask for more medical specialists, especially rheumatology and otorhinolaryngology, have highlighted that in the call have not shown symbology of political parties, because, according to the spokesman of Teruel Existe, Manuel Gimeno, it was "a citizen call "

Gimeno recalled that "the straw that has filled the glass" has been the complaint of the head of the Otorhinolaryngology Service Obispo Polanco hospital, who has had to take over this unit alone, because they are vacant the other two existing seats.


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