Thousands of people demonstrate in defense of the public pension system

They had been training with the ‘bastonadas’ from which they claimed, through concentrations every Monday in squares of 30 Spanish cities, the need to shield the pensions in the Constitution. That is why there were few who did not know the slogans that they should shout at the demonstration that the Table for the Protection of Pensions (MERP) has convened this Saturday in Madrid, to which they have attended, according to the organizers, 4,000 preceding people from all Spain, despite the fact that in their own cities there was one of their own, as in Barcelona, ​​which was approached by half a thousand people, according to data from the Guardia Urbana.

The MERP spokesperson, Joanne Cunyat, explained to this newspaper that the group began to demonstrate in 2018 to demand the shielding of pensions. It includes 400 associations, parties and platforms with different sensitivities regarding the latest announcements of pension reform of the Government that presides Pedro Sanchez, which explains why it was not the only march held this Saturday. In the of Barcelona, developed between Plaça de Catalunya and Plaça de Sant Jaume, the slogans focused on claiming pensions “worthy, fair and sufficient” and in the one in Madrid, which came out of the Puerta del Sol, a modification in the Constitution was demanded to ensure them.

On Madrid the march has also passed through several streets in the center (Carretas, Jacinto Benavente, Atocha). The demonstration, in which according to the organizers they have participated about 4,000 people (including many young people), has finished in the Plaza of the Reina Sofía Museum, to read a manifesto that calls for the “express prohibition” that any government can “cut or privatize, totally or partially” the Public Pension System and that “the maintenance of the real purchasing power of public pensions be included as a constitutional obligation.”

“Not a step back”

“Madrid, Madrid, not a step back, we are going to shield pensions” and “Neither cuts, nor privatization, we shield pensions in the Constitution “are being the most chanted slogans in the march that has left the Puerta del Sol to the Reina Sofía museum square.

Other cries have also been heard such as “If they turn up the light, they lower our pension” or “We do have a solution: we shield pensions in the Constitution.” In addition to the classics of “Hello, BBV, hello Santander, you stopped by my house, I seized your house, and in your grandmother’s I kept your pension.”


Thousands of people demonstrate in defense of the public pension system

People from all over Spain

People from all over Spain have come to the Madrid demonstration, such as Juan Carlos Rodriguez, from Zero cuts, who has arrived from Córdoba and who explains his presence in the march despite his youth in that “the pensions that are in danger are not those of now, but those of the future.” In addition to families that have gone wholeFrom grandparents to grandchildren, it is surprising to see young people at the head of several of the participating organizations, because, as Rodríguez said, the true risk of cuts and privatization of pensions is expected in the future.

“This Saturday at 12 noon in Puerta del Sol we will meet people who defend very different alternatives to pensions, or to the reform that is being negotiated and processed, but the same thing unites us, we want to protect pensions in the Constitution” , have indicated from the MERP on the march, to which participants from different Spanish cities have attended, although others have also been held in points such as Barcelona.

In addition, they have adhered to the march 400 organizations and more than 150 personalities from the world of politics (the president of Cantabria, Miguel Angel Revilla, or the vice president of the Valencian Community, Monica Oltra, among others), the judiciary (the former judge Baltasar Garzón or the former prosecutor Carlos Jiménez Villarejo), the interpretation (actors like José Sacristán, Emilio Gutiérrez Caba or Paco León), the journalism (Fernando Berlin or Joana Bonet), the music (Joan Manuel Serrat or Miguel Ríos), culture (writers like Javier Cercas or Rosa Montero) or activism (Look at Etxezarreta or Pamela Palenciano).

500 people in Barcelona

Barcelona was also the scene this morning for another demonstration in defense of public pensions. Nails 500 peopleAccording to figures from the Guardia Urbana, they have demonstrated since 10:30 am against the draft pension reform law.

The mobilization, called by Pensioner TideIt started in Plaza Cataluña and the participants have traveled to Plaza Sant Jaume to protest at the Palau de la Generalitat and the town hall.

Some protesters have held up banners with the messages ‘Your pension is a right, it is not a gift’ and ‘Early retirement without penalty’.

The demonstration has criticized the “cascade of new cuts that, if confirmed, will leave those of the 2013 reform pale,” the entity said in a statement. In the statement, the entity has demanded that the government withdraw this bill to avoid the “impoverishment and privatization” of pensions.


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