Thousands of people demonstrate in Barcelona in favor of bilingualism

Demonstration in Barcelona to claim that Spanish is also the working language in Catalonia. / EFE

"The Government of Spain has maintained a complicit position with the disloyal action of the Generalitat", according to the organizing entities

Thousands of people demonstrate this Sunday in Barcelona in favor of bilingualism at school, in favor of 25% of classes being in Spanish and against the language policy of the Catalan Government, which maintains Catalan as the only language of instruction, and against the central government, which they consider an "accomplice" of nationalism. Convened by the entity Escuela para Todos, the march, held between the Arc de Triomphe in Barcelona and the Estación de Francia, together with the TSJC, which made it compulsory for all centers to teach 25% of the subjects in Spanish, counted with the presence of leaders of the PP, Vox and Ciudadanos.

The protest has charged against the Government, but also against the Government, the PSOE and the PSC. Vox and Cs have displaced their national staff, with Santiago Abascal and Inés Arrimadas at the helm. Alberto Núñez Feijóo, who advocates "cordial bilingualism", has avoided the photo together with the representatives of the right. Instead, the PP has been represented by its number 2, Cuca Gamarra. The spokeswoman for Escuela de Todos, Ana Losada, has called to defend Spanish against the "discriminatory treatment" that she receives in her opinion from the administrations. The protest, she has said, claims "the linguistic rights of all Catalans". Losada has accused the Government and the Generalitat of »working to ensure that« the 25% sentence is not applied. »Enough of treating Spanish as a secondary language«, she has finished before the start of the demonstration. Gamarra has accused the Government of "trampling on linguistic rights with the complicity of the Government." Arrimadas, for her part, has attacked what she has considered the "old, ridiculous and sectarian imposition" of Catalan in Catalonia. Abascal has called for applying article 155 so that "legality is restored" and is maintained until ∫linguistic rights are guaranteed.

Images of the demonstration in Catalonia. / EFE

Some of the most angry criticism has been taken by the PSC. And it is that the socialists have supported the legislative strategy designed by the Government to avoid the sentence of 25%. On January 25, the ruling of the TSJC that obliges the Generalitat to teach 25% of the classes in Spanish became final, after the Supreme Court ratified it. Everything indicated that the Government would have to modify its language policy in public and concerted schools and introduce Spanish also as a vehicular language, for teaching subjects, not as one more subject. However, the Government has managed to avoid, for the time being, compliance with the sentence. And the course has started in Catalonia without changes, all in Catalan and without any center having to adapt to the court ruling.

The Generalitat presumes that for the moment it has won the legal battle of 25%. To the point that the Department of Education transferred an instruction to the 27 schools affected by sentences or awaiting judicial decisions before the start of the course, which had the obligation to teach at least one of every four subjects in Spanish in one of their classrooms. so that they do not apply the 25% of Spanish in the classes. This is the case, for example, of the center of Canet de Mar (Barcelona), at the center of the controversy a few months ago due to the pressure that parents had to bear, who obtained in court that their son receive 25% of the subjects in Spanish. The Government has asked these centers to return to the linguistic project entirely in Catalan. According to the Generalitat, with the new regulations approved (a law and a decree), it is not necessary to apply any percentage in education.

Of course, waiting for what the Constitutional Court decides. After the ruling of the TSJC that forced the Generalitat to teach 25% of the classes in Spanish, a ruling ratified by the Supreme Court last November, the Government launched a legislative offensive to try to avoid the application of the ruling. In the first instance, it has succeeded, although the lawsuit over Spanish in Catalan classrooms suggests that it will go a long way. With the approval of the PSC and the commons, the Catalan Government approved a new language law on the use of official languages ​​in the classroom. It also approved a decree on linguistic projects of the centers, which did not set percentages and did not order the centers to apply 25% of Spanish. In this case, only the common ones were added.

The TSJC, which had given the Catalan government an ultimatum to adopt the measures to start complying with the court ruling, admitted that with the new regulations the 25% ruling is inapplicable. Of course, he transferred the problem to the Constitutional Court, which is the one who must determine if the new regulations approved by the Government and the Catalan Chamber are in accordance with the Magna Carta. PP and Ciudadanos challenged the law and the decree to the Constitutional Court, which has already admitted the appeal for processing and must resolve the matter. The right charges against the submission of the Government and the PSC to the nationalists. They criticize them for having supported the law and not having challenged it before the Constitutional Court for political convenience. The support of ERC to the Government demanded that toll and that of the pardons, they point out.

The Generalitat de Catalunya has managed to "stop" the application of the 25% minimum ruling by "manufacturing" a law and a decree that maintains Spanish as just another subject, but that prevents it from being used as a vehicular language: the language in which content is taught, says the manifestation manifesto. «After more than three decades of exclusion of Spanish from Catalan classrooms and before a clear and firm sentence, the Government of Spain has maintained an accomplice position with the disloyal action of the Generalitat and refuses to appeal to the Constitutional Court the legislation that prevents the application of the sentence, “he adds. “It is time for mobilization, it is time for citizens to say enough is enough to the continuous bartering of our rights to obtain political gains. In a bilingual society like the Catalan one, where the majority of Catalans have Spanish as their mother tongue, we cannot normalize a monolingual school in Catalan », he concludes.

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